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90 Malaria cases Reported in New Delhi

Updated at: Jan 18, 2013
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Written by: Arpita DePublished at: Jan 18, 2013
90 Malaria cases Reported in New Delhi

90 Malaria cases Reported in New Delhi - Malaria making its mark on New Delhi this season. 90 confirmed cases of malaria have already been reported. Mosquito diseases risks has gone up due the rains.

woman having feverThe deadly malaria seems to be leaving its mark on New Delhi this year. 90 confirmed cases of malaria have already been reported in the national capital and if in the absence of swift and adequate measures, this number is all set to rise. During the same period last year, about 50 confirmed cases of malaria had been reported in New Delhi. However, the scourge of dengue is also looming large with at least 15 confirmed cases. In fact, New Delhi has recorded its first unfortunate dengue death last week.


The municipal corporation of Delhi is pulling up its socks to prevent a widespread attack of malaria in the city. Apparently it has sent notices to as many as 24000 people and also prosecuted around 950 people. Also more than 18000 houses around the city have already been identified as potential mosquito breeding sites and action is being taken. MCD healthcare workers are also conducting routine checks of areas where water clogging and stagnation are recurrent problems. Damp moist conditions are ideal for the breeding of the anopheles mosquito whose bite causes malaria. However, amidst all the activity, there is an air of depression among some officials as the malaria detection clinics have concrete proof that the breeding rate of the malaria causing anopheles mosquito is on the rise.

Malaria has been afflicting New Delhi for the longest period of time. Every year, despite tall claims made by officials regarding the prevention and control of malaria, deaths continue to occur. It remains to be seen what 2011 holds for Delhities in terms of the spread of malaria.


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