Making Bath Time Fun for Baby

Updated at: Aug 01, 2011
Making Bath Time Fun for Baby

Newborn Care - It is important for you to make bath time fun for your baby so that s/he does not create a fuss. Be a little imaginative and use ways to make bath time fun for your special angel!

Aditi Dasgupta
Newborn CareWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Jun 28, 2011

Baby bath in bathroomBabies can be fussy with bath sessions and for most parents it is a nerve wrecking experience. Making bath time fun for babies is surprisingly easy now with the below mentioned checklist!


  • To prevent the baby from getting paranoid, be slow and patient with the child. Hurrying up the process of giving them a shower will only create paranoia in the mind of the child. Children start crying if they are scared.
  • Use a portable baby bathtub that can be used in any room. Remember to spread a rubber mattress around the tub to prevent the water from spilling out. Fill the tub with water and pour some bubble soap in the tub. Make it appear like a foam bath. The best way is to tell the child a story and how the bath is a part of some adventure. This definitely diverts their mind. One can make it more fascinating by putting in green and blue bubbles in the water. This pleases the child at all times.
  • The preparation got bath time also includes gathering all the necessary items required for the bath. Never leave the child unattended in the room or the bathroom. Keep some extra towels handy.
  • Make the bathing session soothing and calm. Babies respond more to that. Avoid being rash while scrubbing the child or shampooing their hair. This might make them restless.
  • Give them water toys which usually make sounds. Keep them engaged. Apart from that, give the child some plastic spades, funnel, spoons and miniature water buckets. Let them settle in the bottom of the tub. Ask them to dig and discover all that they can find and use it for some adventure. This can act as the best visual delight ever. Some parents also play nursery rhymes as a diversion.
  • Be in close contact with the child and sound reassuring and confident.
  • Keep the bath time very short and precise to prevent the baby from catching a cold. But do let the child play for some time as their getting used to the bathing routine is important. Take the required amount of time and then take the child out of the tub and wrap a clean warm towel around it.
  • The baby would take time to adjust to this idea of bathing in water. Overnight improvements cannot happen. As toddlers grow, the most positive symptoms are their effort to feel the water with their arms and legs. Their facial expressions often show delight.
  • In the first few bathing sessions, the presence of both the parents is necessary. This is because the child is nervous and might relax at the sight of the people she/he knows. While one parent can clean the child, the other parent can deftly keep the child entertained and busy.


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