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Make love right here!

Snr By Mansi Kohli , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 01, 2013
Make love right here!

While making love to each other, if you’re still jammed inside your bedroom walls, then you’re still religiously following the part of you preceding sexual age.
It is about time you explore other options.

More than just between the sheetsWhile making love to each other, if you’re still jammed inside your bedroom walls, then you’re still religiously following the part of you preceding sexual age.
It is about time you initiate getting the unsurpassed out of a choice for other locations, other than your bedroom. Here are a few of the settings where you can get along with your business.


In a splashing water bath

This is one of the most desired ways in which a man can pamper her lady.

“There is no need to worry if you don’t have that jumbo size bathtub at your place. Just go to any nearby hotel this coming weekend and indulge yourselves completely in a stress-riddance bathtub,” says Sumita Asthana, a Delhi-based relationship expert.
“The best part is- this kind of wet and wild routine will leave behind the urban noise and odd work routines”, Asthana adds.

If going out especially for a bathtub experience is a pain for you, you can always opt for any kind of a spa treatment which will not only act as a best relaxant but will also put her in the right kind of mood.


Try it on a bouncy spring-free foam


Gone are the days when we linked bouncing with being totally kinky in bed. Instead of making out on a traditional spring mattress (which will leave you all energy-less in the middle of it only) try making out on a spring-free bubble mattress. It will allow you to get really close to each other without making much clamour.

And yes, coir mattress should simply not be used as nobody wants their kids and neighbours to know what they are up to!


On a top of a spin session

Vibrations. This will provide her with additional stimulation, which will always get a big “yes” from her.

“Making love on dining table or on the slab of a kitchen can be a bit too germ-infested, instead prefer doing it on top of a washing machine,” confesses 31 years old engineer Gargi Malhotra. And if the washing machine is placed in an open area, it may even throb harder. If you can deal to keep going all the way through a complete wash cycle, you’ll without doubt make an impression on her with your endurance and your imagination!


In untamed and dark


Campaign is always fun. Both for you and your love. Not only because it takes you away from the hustle bustle of daily lives, but also it can add adventure and excitement in your sex lives.

Words of caution: “Always keep in mind to buy a room tent that will map read your love more easily," admits Asthana.

Make sure you’re not surrounded by too many people while you’re campaigning as it can lead to silhouette puppets on the tent walls.


On a wonderful drive

The back seat is by far, the best place in your car to make out. Not only will it put forward for you wide area to move with the slightest jeopardy of harm, but it’ll also lead to pumping your adrenaline rush to extreme.

Words of caution: Make sure you’re not caught by police- it can be taxing and shameful, both at the same time.


The beach(y) way


In most of the beaches, public display of affection is not acceptable. Thus, make sure you’re not in any kind of embracing situation while making out on a beach as one can find moral baiters everywhere around. Try taking your love into a corner pebble path or just go wild right in the middle of the beach.


In nameless places


Asthana is of an opinion that vagueness of places (where you’re likely to make out) will help her in getting acquainted with your secretive levels of mystery and naughtiness residing inside you.

So, it is about time you reserve that 5 star hotel suite at this instant and reach your destination individually to add ambiguity.

Try secret elements which she’ll never expect from you. Try setting your room with fragranced candles, several sex aids (not the sex toys), sweet-smelling bath oils, flowers on bed and so on.

“Bear in mind,” exclaims Malhotra, “every woman loves surprises and the more inappropriately they occur, the better!”  Always carry a condom along with you, as you never know when she’s giving you those signals!




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