Maintain a relationship over the Summer

Updated at: Apr 17, 2014
Maintain a relationship over the Summer

Maintain a relationship over the summer - Maintaining a relationship during the summer break is usually a point of worry for couples. Here are some tips to keep the spark of your relationship alive over the summer. Read on for details.

Bushra Kafeel
DatingWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Mar 25, 2013

Maintain a relationship over the Summer

Over summer break you may feel like in a disaster movie. When you are apart during your summer break then there is need to be more careful to keep your relationship alive and strong.

  • Poor Communication will affect your Relationship:  Just because you are apart doesn’t mean that you can’t be in touch. Try to be in constant contact with each other. You can make phone calls, write e-mails and even send text messages to your love. Get webcams so that you can see each other more often.
  • Be there whenever your beloved needs you. Try to make up for your physical absence by listening to your partner's concerns.
  • Ensure that you talk on a daily basis and if not possible then don’t forget to drop a simple 'miss you' message. You can talk about how your day has been and about the things that both of you are going to do when you meet next. Tell your partner how much you love and miss him/her. But remember not to overdo it.
  • Plan to spend time together:  Since summer break is a big duration, try to schedule get-togethers as often as possible. Just because you live apart doesn’t mean that you can’t meet for the period. You can either fly or drive to see each other once a month if it is not possible on weekly basis.
  • Another way of maintaining your relationship over summer is to send small reminder tokens to your partner. You can either send flowers, fun notes, romantic cards or other gifts for saying that how much you are missing him/her. If you come across anything that your significant other would like then send it as a reminder of your devotion.
  • Don’t try to take advantage of the fact that you are apart. Try to be honest even in small things with your partner. Trust each other and avoid being jealous. If there is any problem in the relationship then sort it out and try and at least listen to your partner.
  • Keeping a photograph or some belonging of your significant other can also help your relationship remain strong.


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