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Add an Edge to your Lustrous Locks with this Expert Guide

Fashion & Beauty By Editorial Team , Jagran Cityplus / Jul 06, 2013
Add an Edge to your Lustrous Locks with this Expert Guide

Dr. Rashmi Shetty tells us what exactly can be done to protect our hair and make it healthy and shiny all year along. Following these tips can give your hair the lift it needs and the care it demands.

Oil is your crowning glory's best shield and medicine most of the time. Whether you are talking about prevention, cure or management - hair today, or hair tomorrow, its really quite a (gr)easy affair.  

Lush up your locksThe not-so-cherry side effects like dry, listless, static-prone, damaged locks that the cold weather often lugs along last through an extended period of time even after heat has toiled in. As a result, the hair tends to misbehave indisputably.

But, take it from veteran hair care experts, there is a lot you can do to protect your hair from damage that occurs due to the onset of the cold term. A good hair care regimen will keep your hair in its finest form all through the season and beyond.


Simple Solutions to Common Hair Woes

Here's how you can beat the trickiest hair problems:


Dry, Frizzy Ends

Schedule trims religiously every six to eight weeks. Ensure that the split ends are carefully snipped off.  Then, using your palms and finger-tips, rub some oil into your hair.  Leave it on overnight for best results. Stock up on a conditioner and try a natural conditioner like coconut oil. Why? Because coconut oil penetrates into the cortex (the central part of the hair), 3 times more than most other oils. 


Static and Flyaway Hair

A natural leave in conditioner and/or pre-shampoo conditioner like oil can help to weigh your hair down. For best results steam your hair with a hot towel post oiling. Then, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water. Oil is one of the best remedies for damaged and unmanageable hair.  It helps one to cut down the static charges of flyaways, softens hair and restores its sheen.  


Dull, Brittle and Lackluster Hair

Reduced moisture in the air during harsh cold weather damages the hair. What your hair needs is intensive care and nutrition, which can come in the form of a regular oil massage.  A hair wash coupled with an oil massage only one hour prior to shampooing protects the hair from all the factors that break the protein bonds in the hair making it brittle.  Over a period of time, you will find significant difference in the health and texture of your hair.  Coconut oil serves as a first-rate hair damage shield, smoothens the outer protective covering of the hair, refurbishes the lost shine and aids grooming.  Unlike most other oils, which merely remain on the surface of the hair, coconut oil penetrates intensely and provides your hair with the right dose of nourishment that it requires.  



Dandruff strikes hard and stubbornly refuses to go away easily. This is mainly due to dry weather coupled with effects of metabolism. It is a condition marked by excessive flaking and scaling of the scalp. Thus, whilst tackling the dandruff dilemma, the key lies in retaining moisture in the scalp so that the skin doesn't peel off. Regular application of oil in tandem with anti-dandruff agents such as neem, lime and tea tree oil can certainly help control dandruff. These agents attack the microbes that cause dandruff, while oil prevents excessive drying of the scalp.


Workplace Stress takes its Toll on Women

A survey of 260 professionals and business women revealed that 42 per cent of women are burning out midway because of excessive stress in working life. The cost to individuals included affected health and personal relationships, and cost to organisations included a reduced contribution by formerly valuable employees. Corporate employers, however, are not taking any constructive by formerly valuable employees. Corporate employees, however, are not taking any constructive steps about the problem despite its considerable cost to productivity, and loss of staff.    


Soaps and Cosmetics are Dangerous for Health

Every year, approximately 8,000 metric tons of synthetic musks are produced worldwide, and humans are exposed to musks through the skin when they use soaps and cosmetics, cologne and sprays, and wear clothes washed with scented detergents. Musk compounds are toxic and they concentrate in fats, including breast milk, and endure in human tissue long after exposure, thus harming the body's ability to fight other toxicants.


Tried and Tested Hair Care Tips

Weather changes mug the hair in the worst ways. Spending a little time on your tresses will save you a whole lot of trouble.

  • Oil your hair at least one hour before you wash it.  This will not only take care of the dryness caused due to the weather but will also reduce the damage caused by chemicals present in shampoos.
  • Weather variations wreck havoc on your manes, and can cause your hair to become extremely dry, listless and susceptible to problems such as hair breakage, dandruff etc.  Professional advice regarding the right treatment for a specific hair type is a must.  An oil massage can work miraculously in such circumstances.  It helps counter the adverse effects and in doing so, makes the hair soft, shiny and supple.
  • For hair that is frizzy and static-prone, it is essential to use a heavier, richer moisturiser, such as oil, twice a week.  Apply the oil on your scalp with a finger tip massage for 10 mins and leave the oil in your hair for an hour. 
  • Add moisture to your hair.  This is especially necessary if your hair has been chemically treated.  Despite the wide array of conditioners available in the market, oil continues to be the best conditioner.

– By Dr. Rashmi Shetty

(Courtesy: Wellbeing, Aramuc) 


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