Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Updated at: Nov 28, 2012
Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Lower back pain can be due to certain medical conditions such as arthritis, nerve problem or muscle strain. Each condition shows different symptoms.

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Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Lower back pain has various causes ranging from nerve-root problem to arthritis of the spine. Common symptoms of lower back pain are tingling, stiffness and difficulty while moving. The intensity of the pain, however, depends on your condition and state of physical activity. It is important to get acquainted with the symptoms of lower back pain because by being aware you can draw immediate attention to any underlying condition before the pain advances so much that you fail to even move or sit at one place.


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Symptoms of Lower Back Strain

  • Pain: you’ll experience frequent bouts of pain that may subside quickly.
  • The pain in your back and buttocks worsens with certain movements such as when sitting on the floor/a chair, while climbing stairs or when getting up from the bed/chair.
  • Acute pain may last 48 hours to 72 hours and subside gradually but mild pain will continue to trouble for a few days or weeks.
  • Strain on your back often causes muscle spasms and cramping.
  • Your lower back may feel stiff and also cause pain.


Symptoms of Nerve-root Pressure

  • Pain that starts from the buttocks and extends far below to the knees may be caused by pressure on a nerve rather than a muscle problem.
  • The pain would start in the buttocks first and then travel down to the calves, ankle or foot.
  • Along with acute pain in your lower back, you may also feel numbness or weakness in your leg/s or foot. Tingling just above the buttock is another sign of nerve-root problem.
  • In cauda equina syndrome, a serious neurological condition, you may feel severe pain in your spine, weakness in your legs and loss of bladder/bowel control. This condition requires immediate medical attention.


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Symptoms of Arthritis of the Spine

  • If you have arthritis of the spine, you may experience unendurable bouts of pain that travels down to the hip region.
  • Pain in your lower back may gradually start and get worse over time. The pain may last as long as three to six months.
  • The pain becomes severe in the morning after you wake up because of prolonged hours of inactivity.

Symptoms of other Conditions that cause Lower Back Pain

Conditions such as compression fracture, infection in the spine or tumour on the spine may cause acute pain in your lower back. Following are a few signs.

  • Compression Fracture/Tumour on The spine: There is stinging pain in the affected site. Even resting for hours won’t help. Pain may last for 15-20 days despite of availing treatment.
  • Even slight pressure on the spine may cause tingling and severe pain.
  • You may find it hard to lie on your back.  


Any medical problem that has to do with the spine has a different method of pain relief; consult an orthopaedic to know the best treatment for your condition.


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