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Low Testosterone Raises Heart Death Risk

Snr By Aditi Dasgupta , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 04, 2013
Low Testosterone Raises Heart Death Risk

Balanced testosterone levels have been related to the longevity of heart patients for a long time now. But, is it true?

Heart attackQuestions regarding a balanced testosterone level have been related to the longevity of heart patients for a long time now.  Research abroad has shown that males  with heart conditions - diagnosed with low testosterone levels - are more prone to heart attacks.


Considerably low testosterone levels signify a hormonal imbalance destabilising the immunity of the heart. However, the pertinent question of tackling the problem by medical practitioners remains – the extent of the damage and the possibility of undergoing a testosterone replacement therapy. The reasons against the replacement therapy is that that the long term symptoms are unpredictable and might cause harm to the male bodies in unprecedented ways.


The only positive symptoms are an increase in virility and a highly energised proactive life.

Studies have informed us  that the body is a barometer for  a range of hormones and toxins and an imbalance here makes any human prone to death. This is because the body becomes sensitive towards immunity and low-resistance levels making it insulin-resistant. The problem lies in estimating the ideal range.


This needs to be understood subjectively. Cases of men reporting about low testosterone levels are relatively common across the world, using quantities of two types of clinical testers – total testosterone (TT) and bio-available testosterone (bio-T). More often than not, men suffering from old age reportedly suffer from heart attacks. This also signifies a relative drop in their hormonal levels.  Clinically proven testosterone deficiency is also known as hypogonadism.


Let's understand the testosterone fluctuations in the case of women. Can women undergo hormone replacement therapy post-menopause? Yes, but doctors are unsure of its side effects. Hormones - when boosted artificially in women - increase the risks of cancer-cell growth and metabolic problems.


Possible Solution:


So what if you are diagnosed with low testosterone levels? Here are a few ways in which the adverse effects and damages can be curbed even without medical help.


  • Time to quit nicotine.
  • Start exercising to lose those extra pounds.
  • Watch your diet. Eat cholesterol-free food.
  • Keep your blood pressure under control. Buy a handy acu-check which will help you check your blood pressure even while you are on the run.


Low testosterone levels can stimulate heart disease, but  this can be controlled if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fluctuating hormone-levels are better than heart disease.




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