10 Love Lessons Movies Teach Us

Updated at: Mar 20, 2013
10 Love Lessons Movies Teach Us

While you may associate romantic films with cheesy lines, there are certain life lessons they teach us. Here is a sneak peak into some of the most popular romantic movies that strive to teach us an important lesson.

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Love Lessons Movies Teach Us

While some of us would catch a seat at the theatre playing a romantic movie to drift through a 2 hours long escape from everyday life, others would leave with a lesson learnt. Here is a list of lessons that certain love themes were directed to teach us.


When you know it is time to do something, go for it

Though the movie, “Four weddings and a funeral” has been open to arguments over it being the best of Richard Cutis, this 1994 film has attracted tremendous appreciation worldwide. The movie is about the complicated love lives of a group of friends. It centers on Hugh Grant who plays Charles, a character who cannot fix his love life. Towards the end of the movie, Charles comes close to marrying a woman he can’t bear; the marriage is a consequence of his lack of confidence to propose Andie MacDowell.

Looks do not matter in love


Who framed Roger Rabbit by Jessica Rabbit is known to have one of the ‘sexiest’ cartoons ever made. Jessica is a night club singer who falls in love with Roger, who later marries her. When Eddie Valiant confronts her and asks why she loves him, she says “because he makes me laugh”.Therefore, it is not the looks or smartness that adds fire to raw wood, in some cases, but the ability to make someone laugh.


Learn to seize the day

American beauty might not seem like one that can help a viewer pull out a meaningful message from though there is one that goes unnoticed. Lester Burnham, played by Kevin Spacey, seems to have a dull life with a wife and daughter who loath him and a job regrettably not one he likes. He comes to terms with life and learns how to seize the day and take control of his life.


Over-analysing is injurious to a relationship

Although, the sequel to Bridget Jones’ Diary, Edge of Reason, may seem irrelevant and ridiculous at certain places, but it tells the audience that over-analysis and over-thinking is bad. Bridget has the perfect relationship with no problems, but she ruins it by creating problems in her mind by virtue of over-analysis. It is important that one is aware of his or her relationship and doesn’t create problems psychologically. Over-analysing things makes one look for problems when there are none.


Learn from bad memories

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is the ultimate romance for those who don’t like romance. The movie demonstrates a world where one can erase the painful memories. The protagonists in the film are a couple who erase the bad memories of a broken relationship only to find their way back to each other. This movie teaches us two-fold lessons. One that, while it may seem attractive to erase all the painful memories, one must use them to learn and move ahead. The second lesson is that one must understand the very essence of love, that it is about ups and downs and one has to work towards them to make the relationship work.


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Chance your encounters

Falling in love after an encounter may seem possible only in a surreal set-up, however, the movie Sleepless in Seattle makes you realize that you may meet the ‘right one’ even when you are happily committed to someone. Therefore, keep your eyes open for “the one” if you think you haven’t found one already.


No disorder can break love

While some might be de-motivated to hang out with a person with any kind of deformity, 50 First Dates tells you how a mere deformity doesn’t matter in love as long as you can love somebody unconditionally. 


‘Even death shall not do us part’

While this line may seem cheesy, movies such as If only and P.S. I love you teach us that even death does not part two people bound by love. As two people design their life together, a happily-ever-after may end one’s life, but not love.  


Sex will not stay away for long

Harry’s casual sexual contact with Sally in When Harry met Sally is symbolic of the fact that sex does come in-between two friends of opposite sex. How many of you have struck such an awkward moment with an iron rod?


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Hold on to memories if they motivate you

One of the most legendary movies in the catalogue of James Cameron, Titanic, is the perfect example of love that never sank with the ship. The past does not always have to be lost in the debris but remembered throughout one’s lifetime provided they are motivating.


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