Living in Modern Cities ups Pneumonia risk

Updated at: Jul 04, 2013
 Living in Modern Cities ups Pneumonia risk

A recent Chinese study has revealed how living in the cities could increase the risk of pneumonia, a number of factors have given rise to this.

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A study in China has recently revealed that the risk factors of pneumonia are actually higher in modern cities when compared to elsewhere.

The report was part of China, Child, Home and Health project has in fact defied the old belief that the disease is caused by the use of coal or wood as an option for cooking fuel, which is especially the case in rural areas. It investigated the association between childhood pneumonia and any indoor environment factors in modern homes.

The study suggests that lack of ventilation, gas as cooking fuel, dampness, new furniture, ‘modern’ floor and wall covering materials showed significant associations with the incidence of pneumonia. There were other factors to be found too, such as family allergy, childcare by non-parents and other respiratory disease that could be associated with pneumonia. Furthermore, there are other factors such as family allergy, childcare by non-parents, and other respiratory diseases that were reported to be associated with pneumonia.

To conclude, the report suggested that modern lifestyle and home environment play an important role in the development of pneumonia infections among the children in Nanjing, China.

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