Living with Advanced Kidney Cancer

Updated at: Apr 16, 2012
Living with Advanced Kidney Cancer

It’s very difficult to live with advanced kidney cancer. You need both emotional and financial support to cope with the dreaded disease called kidney cancer.

Aparna Mir
CancerWritten by: Aparna MirPublished at: Apr 16, 2012

Kidney cancer greatly impacts your day-to-day life. Living with kidney cancer is difficult and very complex issues need to be tackled for it. But by making few adjustments in lifestyle, you can lead a satisfying and worry-free life.

You feel depressed and lonely as soon as you come to know that you are suffering from kidney cancer in advanced stage. You have to be mentally and emotionally strong to face the impact of advanced kidney cancer.


Care and support

After getting diagnosed with kidney cancer, you have to deal with a lot of physical and emotional challenges. You need proper care and support from your family members, friends and people around you. This type of management is called supportive care management. Discuss frankly with your doctor about the various components of this management system. This system aims to provide all kinds of care and support to improve the quality of your life. Self care and management is very important to deal with the issues related to kidney cancer.


Fight with the symptoms

A person suffering from kidney cancer suffers from nausea, pain and fatigue. These symptoms can also occur as the outcome of treatment therapies such as immunotherapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. You can do few things in your day-to-day life to cope with these kidney cancer symptoms. Drinking fluids is a great way to deal with nausea. You can take anti-nausea medications (anti-emetics) also to lessen the impact of the symptoms.

Medications for controlling your pain are also needed. It’s absolutely normal for people with kidney cancer to suffer from depression and insomnia. You can use anti-depressants, after consultation with your doctor, to fight with the symptoms. These medications are a vital part in the overall treatment plan.


Effect on the family life


Kidney cancer greatly affects a person’s family life. Family’s responsibility increases if you are diagnosed with kidney cancer. You need support and love from your family members to fight against the disease. Family plays a major role in every phase of diagnosis and treatment. When you are at home, support of your family members support would be needed even in  daily routine. The more they get involved with you, more you will feel comfortable. Family plays a vital role in your recovery.


Financial issues

The treatment of kidney cancer is quite expensive. So it affects you financially as well. You have to be well informed about the various insurance policies that can help you in this regard. Health plans are a great way to support you financially during this phase.

Living with advanced kidney cancer is not easy. You have to be emotionally and mentally strong, but you will also  need the love and care of your loved ones to fight against this disease.


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