Listen up folks, drink water throughout the day, except for right after your meal

Updated at: Dec 06, 2017
Listen up folks, drink water throughout the day, except for right after your meal

While it’s important to keep drinking water throughout the day, it's equally significant to learn the right time to consume it.

Meenakshi Chaudhary
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Meenakshi ChaudharyPublished at: Sep 07, 2017

Some of us crave for a cup of coffee, some like tea, while others prefer lemon soda, and other beverages they like, whenever we need something that helps us get going, especially at times when we feel lethargic, tired and stressed about work or task at hand. Having plenty of healthy drinks available to us, there is nothing that can replace water in our lives.


Water is life, period. We all know why it is important to drink water and the many benefits it offers.

So, we won't bore you with the facts about water that you probably already know, but won't you want to know if you've been doing everything correct when it comes to supplying your body with one of the most important fuels it needs for functioning.

Amount matters, so does the timings

There has been a lot of debate about how much water a person should consume in a day or when is the right time to drink it, whether you should be having it before, during or post meal.

While most people have the habit of gulping umpteen glasses of water during the meal, with the intention of helping the food move down the passage easily but also in a hope of aiding the digestion process, experts across the world dismiss this idea strongly.

And, their dismissal only seems fair if you look at the studies that show consumption of water during the meal doesn't help you as you may have thought, rather doing so only hampers with the digestion process by diluting the essential gastric juices and spiking your insulin levels.

Is it okay to drink before or alongside meals?

As per experts, it roughly takes 2 hours for digestive system to digest food. The food you eat goes through the esophagus to the stomach, then it moves to your colon before it gets flushed out of your system.

Popular belief has it that by drinking water just before meal, you're disturbing the fluid-solid proportion of your gastric system by diluting the food you eat and also fastening the digestion process as the food will now reach the large intestine much sooner than it actually should. We spoke to renowned Dietician, Dr. Shikha Sharma, founder of NutriHealth and contrary to this belief, she suggests it's actually good to drink water before you sit down to eat as it will help with the digestion process.

However, drinking water alongside meals is not a good idea as it also tampers the natural absorption of nutrients post digestion.

Does it mean you should drink water after your meal?

Dr. Sharma, however, advices not to drink water just after a meal. She explains, when you drink water, you’re diluting the digestive enzymes which tampers the natural digestion timings. She adds, protein from the food you eat need to stay in stomach for a while before they are flushed away.  Besides, drinking too much water after having a meal makes you feel hungrier faster resulting in overeating and bloating.

So, when should you actually be drinking water?

So, how long should you wait post a meal before you drink a glass of water? Dr. Sharma suggests one should avoid drinking at least for an hour post meals to prevent hampering the natural digestion process. Having some gap post meal also helps in absorption of nutrients too.

Therefore, all you people out there keep drinking water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated, but don't forget to maintain the gap after every meal you eat.

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