Light Therapy for Facial Skin

Updated at: Apr 11, 2013
Light Therapy for Facial Skin

Light therapy is a relatively new cosmetic treatment method, which is effective in reducing skin bemishes and signs of aging. Before resorting to this method, take a look at its various pros and cons, here.

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Light Therapy for Facial Skin

Facial skin blemishes are a source of embarrassment and may result in low self-esteem. Other than their psychological impact, they also increase the risk of skin cancer and may spread to other body parts in no time. Light therapy for facial skin treats the affected area by removing the damaged skin cells. Before opting for this treatment method, take a look at its procedure and type. Also, consider the various pros and cons of facial light therapy.


Procedure of Light Therapy

A cold gel is applied on the affected area. The patient is instructed to wear sunglasses or dark glasses to prevent eye damage due to exposure to high-intensity light. The wand-like device emitting light is placed on the affected area. The heat of the light fragments the chromophores present in the skin. Skin becomes smoother, toned, appearance of signs of aging reduces, and  gets its normal colour back.


Types of Light Therapy Used For Facial Skin

  • Skin conditions, such as age spots, acne, wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles are treated using Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, which emits high-intensity, visible light.
  • Skin cancer is treated using photodynamic therapy, which is a method to kill dangerous cells. This therapy uses red laser light, which triggers cancerous cells and other skin conditions, such as acne, premalignant skin lesions and suntans.
  • In treatment with photo rejuvenation or Light emitting diode (LED) light, visible and near infrared light are used to tone the facial skin and even the complexion.


Benefits of Facial Light Therapy

  • LED light therapy or photo rejuvenation easily penetrates deep into the skin, causing no harm to the surface of the skin. It treats various skin conditions, such as freckles, acne, wrinkles, eczema, rosacea and age spots.
  • Unlike laser treatments and skin peels, Facial Light therapy treatment damages lesser number of the tissues.
  • According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, phototherapy, which uses UVA-1 radiation, works well for the elasticity of the skin without causing skin burns.
  • Light therapy boosts skin’s natural rejuvenation process making it smoother. In addition, it evens out the facial complexion.


Disadvantages of Facial Light Therapy

Light therapy is a relatively new cosmetic treatment; thus, not much information is available on its long-term effects.

  • After getting photodynamic light therapy, one may experience reddened skin, inflammation and burning sensation. This could be due to an allergic reaction to the photosensitising agent.
  • The American Cancer Society suggested that the long-term side effects might include increased risk for skin cancer and cataracts.
  • After light therapy treatment, it is mandatory to avoid sun exposure as it makes one more prone to sunburn and light flaking.
  • Light therapy is an expensive health care practice, each session of which can cost several thousands. Thus, it is unaffordable for people with limited budget.

Consider the advice of an experienced dermatologist before choosing light therapy for facial skin over other available cosmetic treatments.


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