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Lessons you should learn from Hrithik’s 'Kaabil'

Lessons you should learn from Hrithik’s 'Kaabil'
Quick Bites
  • "True Love" is rare.
  • Finding love is an uphill task.
  • 'Kaabil' can help you in your quest for love.

How difficult is it to find true love? Of course, it isn’t an easy job. Finding love and that too ‘True love’ is almost an impossible task. However, the trailers of most awaited movie ‘Kaabil’ shows Hrithik finding the love of his life.


The “Greek God”, Hrithik Roshan plays character of a blind man, who finds his perfect love in Yami Gautam, who also plays character of a blind woman.


 lessons you should learn from H


“Andhera andhera ko roshan to nahi kar sakta, Rohan (Dark cannot lighten up the dark, Rohan)” Says Yami.


“Andhere me kisi ka sath ho to andhera kamm lagta hai! (Darkness isn’t that dark if you have someone’s companionship)” Replies back Hrithik.


True love has indeed become a rare thing to find in today’s world but if two blind people can find their fairytale love story in each other, why can’t you? Maybe because you still need to learn a few things about love that can make your quest of finding a ‘true love’ a bit easier.


These are the lessons that Hrithik and Yami from Kaabil taught us. Have a look!



Look beyond the outer appearance


We are too much obsessed with outer appearance and this one thing is the biggest barrier. Hrithik plays a blind man, so it is apparent that he is not able to see Yami. He falls in love with her soul and the person that she is and not the looks.


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Have faith in the concept of soul mates


There is someone made for each one of us or is it just a myth? The concept of ‘soul mates’ is mere a myth for people. Hrithik finds his perfect love in Yami, if he can, so can you. People fall in love with convenience, for someone who is convenient while soul mate won’t be your perfect match but someone who you will have an undeniable connection with. It will very unusual and magical, just wait for it.



Do negative positive kaise ho sakte hain (How can two negatives be positive)


Know that if have found someone and they share same flaws as you, or if they are imperfect in any manner, you are lucky enough. Being and being with someone who shares somewhat similar flaws as you do, you are bestowed with the opportunity to grow and mend your false with their support and companionship.


The most important lesson that ‘Kaabil’ teaches is that you will find someone, and that someone will be perfect… perfect for you. You do find love, it’s inevitable.



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Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 24, 2017

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