Learn what keeps Tusshar Kapoor fit despite his pizza fetish

Dec 16, 2015

Quick Bites:
  • According to Tushar, the best medicin to life is yoga.
  • The best supplement Tushar believes in is an apple.
  • Best way to shed flabs is to cut deserts.
  • Tushar believes in Health more than wealth.


The best medicine?



An apple a day...

Is a good supplement for a meal.


Sibling rivalry healthy or unhealthy?

Healthy to a point. And unhealthy if taken beyond that.


Like father like son or like sister like brother?

Like father like son.


If Popeye is to spinach, Tusshar Kapoor is to?



The best way to shed flab?

Cut out desserts.

Skip breakfast or skip dinner?

Skip dinner.


One vice that you'd like to quit?

I don't have any vices that I think I need to quit. I've quit rice, though.


If you were Gayab for a day you would...

Find out who my true friends are and where my true love lies.


Health or wealth?


Image source: fulltimepass.com

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