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Learn How to Use Dry Fruits in Your Beauty Regimen

Skin Care By Varsha Vats , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 06, 2018
Learn How to Use Dry Fruits in Your Beauty Regimen

Dry fruits are the healthiest snack. They are good in taste and are loaded with various nutrients. Dry fruits are also good for your skin. You can get a flawless glowing skin with dry fruits. You can also apply then to your skin for better results

Dry fruits are the one-stop destination for overall health as well as beauty. They are good in taste and you can enjoy the large variety available in them. Eating dry fruits regularly is a great habit to stay fit and strong. They are also good for a person trying to lose weight as they are very filling and keep hunger pangs away which reduces the consumption of unnecessary calories. These nuts are rich vitamins and minerals like copper, zinc, vitamin A, C and E. 

Dry fruits are equally good for your skin. They can make your skin smooth and supple. They also give a natural glow to your face. You can add dry fruits to your diet without making any special efforts. You can eat them as a snack or simply eat a few of them anytime during the day. Now you will also notice that they are an ingredient of almost every beauty products because of the benefits they offer to your skin. Dry fruits are also known for their anti-ageing properties. They help in slowing down the ageing process and keep your skin young for a longer time. Here is a list of dry fruits which you must eat to get a flawless skin.


Almonds are very healthy. They reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, promote weight loss and provide high variety protein. They are good in taste and are used in many dishes and desserts. They are packed with features fatty acids, protein and fibre. Almonds keep the skin hydrated due to the presence of vitamin E that keeps blood vessels dilated. It also defends skin from certain disorders like acne and dark spots.

You can also make an almond paste to get the perfect skin. To make the paste, soak a few almonds overnight. First, peel them and later mash them together with a banana. Now scrub your face with this mixture for 4-5 minutes. Later wash your face with fresh water. It will remove dead skin and dirt from your skin and bring a glow to your face.

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Walnuts have anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of omega 3 acid in them. They are a good source of vitamin B which keeps all the signs of ageing at bay. A handful of walnuts are enough for a healthy skin. 

You can also apply walnut paste mixed with honey to your face for a beautiful looking skin. Grind 4 walnuts and add one tablespoon of honey to it. Mix them thoroughly to make a thick paste. Apply it on your face as a mask. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Now wash your face with ice cold water. This will exfoliate your skin and will also remove ageing signs. It can also reduce tanning from your face.  

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Raisins are packed with antioxidants which slow down the ageing process. It also helps in treating saggy skin. You can eat a few raisins during the day or you can also soak them overnight and eat them early morning.

For detoxification of your skin, you can also apply them directly to your face. Mash few raisins and add a few tablespoons of milk to it. Massage your face with this paste in circular motions for few minutes. Later wash it off with water. It will also aid moisture absorbing capacity of your skin.

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