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Open Your World to the Latest Eye Make-Up Trends of This Season

Updated at: Oct 26, 2013
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Written by: Tilottama ChatterjeePublished at: May 18, 2011
Open Your World to the Latest Eye Make-Up Trends of This Season

With latest eye makeup trend you have immense choice of making your style statement. So get ready to play with colours and discover your new self.

Latest Eye Make up Trends

For every fashion conscious woman, make up is an important part of the whole stylish, with it, on the go look. And just like fashion trends change every once in a while, so does make up. Interestingly, the new make up trends usually suit the current fashion trend so that one can work on a complete, trendy look. The current rage for eye makeup, with everyone playing up their eyes with different shades and looks, have resulted in a huge choice of eye make up products, be it shadows, pencil eyeliners, mascaras or highlighters. For this season, one of the hottest eye make-up trends is the pastel look, with bright, pastel coloured shadows bringing out the warmth and making a fun statement suitable for this season.

Eye make up properly done, emphasizes the beauty and minimizes defects if any. The pastel look, which is so trendy this season, suits  everyone. The latest colours  that are  in rage are pinks, blues, and lavenders. Applied with a light hand, they give that ‘barely there’ impression, and is just right for daywear. The same shades, with maybe an additional palette of warm coral, aqua, gold and green, and a more intense application, would be suitable for evening/night wear.

The last season saw a combination of pastel coloured eye shadows, but this year, monochrome is the way to go. Although two shades of the  same hue create a shadow effect which is very becoming. Finish with a thin, slightly smudged line of eyeliner, two coats of mascara, and a touch of highlight  under the browbone.

Pastel colours are soothing. What’s more, they suit almost everybody. For a romantic look, go for rosy pink, coral red, olive green, aqua blue or silver grey. Apply the shadow over the top lid such that the top of the eyeball is loaded with colour, gradually softening towards the corners.

For a faded and smokey eye make up trend, use tones of black, brown and grey shadow. A natural look is always elegant but informal. Look for shadows in light golden brown, taupe, beige and white. Accentuate eyebrows, which should be in perfect shape.

To make eyes look wide and stand out on the face, go all out and wear shadows in bright shades of red, orange, yellow, blue, green or pink. Use a sharp eyeliner line to enhance the eyes.  A soft pink lipstick or gloss will complete the glamorous look.

One of the hottest makeup trends is bright eyes. You can sizzle in this look simply by using metallic shadows in gold and silver. Browse through the Jason Hu and Derek Lam collections to get some useful tips on this look. If the metallic look is not your style, then try using lavender and purple hues. They are very in right now, and with perfectly defined and lined eyes, you can achieve a very hot and glamorous look.

So play with these lovely colours, have fun and look gorgeous too.


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