Knowing How to Induce Labour with Acupressure

Updated at: Feb 11, 2013
Knowing How to Induce Labour with Acupressure

Knowing How to Induce Labour with Acupressure:It process leads to pain relief and comfortable advancement during pregnancy.

Pratima Sharma
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As physicians quote it, the link between uterine contractions and stimulation of specific acupressure points has helped them conclude that acupressure can induce labour naturally. However, it is equally important to know some crucial facts about using acupressure to induce labour. When an expectant mother is already overdue labour acupressure can be applied. Unlike acupuncture in which needles are an important resource, thumbs and fingers do the job in acupressure. When the pressure points are stimulated, blood flow towards the uterus increases which pushes the baby towards the pelvic area. As a result, the baby’s arrival is facilitated and the process also turns out to be less painful for the mother.

Knowing How to Induce Labour with Acupressure

  • Adjoining Valley, Big & High and Shoulder Well are those specific acupressure points that are applied to ease the woman’s pregnancy once she is past her due date. The expert first locates adjoining valley between forefinger and thumb, he starts pressing it firmly. This ensures the stimulation of the large intestine meridian and also helps relieve the mother’s pains at the time of delivering the baby. The third acupressure point big & high is located on the heel, in the middle of the ankle and Achilles tendon. The idea is to help slip the baby towards pelvis and ease arrival.
  • The highest pressure point over trapezius muscle (on shoulder) gets located by determining the tender area between shoulder joint and neck. “Shoulder well” thus positioned is another magnificent way to lessen delivery pains when acupressure to induce labour is used. If there is difficulty in locating the exact point, the physician may move his forefingers from shoulder joint towards neck and stop at the most gentle segment.
  • Understanding how to induce labour with acupressure cannot be complete without knowing the three yin crossing technique. Spleen 6 point is the pressure point in this case, which is located by the side of calf muscle, above the ankle. Here again, stress is on the tender most area and the application time is one minute. It strengthens weaker contractions and relaxes the cervix.

Acupressure to induce labour being a naturopathic process, leads to pain relief and comfortable advancement during pregnancy. However, the most significant aspect to keep in mind when learning how to induce labour with acupressure is that the process is applicable only to expectant mothers who are past their due date of delivery.




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