Know you’re not Dating Mr. Right

Nov 18, 2011

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Know youre not dating mr. right

Some people date to get a long-term committed relationship that turns to marriage while the others just want to have good time. Irrespective of your reason, it is important to evaluate whether the person you are dating is right for you.

  • You are not dating Mr. Right if it is you that have to avoid conflict.
  • If you are not able to trust him then he is not right for you. Certain amount of jealousy is normal but if you there is something in him that always warrants your trust then think again!!
  • Constant criticism also signals that there is something wrong. 
  • If you feel that the level of commitment from your partner low the he is surely not the Mr. Right.  Watch for his efforts towards making the relationship work.
  • His uncontrollable anger is yet another sign that you he is not Mr. Right. Everybody do gets angry some or the other time. But if you find that your guy takes out his anger on strangers who are not related to the issue then there is a big reason to worry. Some such issues include such screaming at waiter or cab driver, throwing things, punching things or people. In short, if his anger outburst embarrasses you in public then he is not you Mr. Right.
  • If on being sad you don’t turn to him for comfort or you lock yourself in bathroom so that he don’t see at your worst then your relationship lacks substance. Your Mr. Right must be easy to approach and make you smile through your tears.
  • If you feel that your guy is controlling you and constantly tell you how to dress, behave and do simple things then he is not your men. 
  • If he tries to control all the finances then he is not the Mr. Right for you. You should never be in condition without any money in your hand. In addition, if the person has track record of undergoing financial crisis then think again. After all life is not only about love!!
  • No circumstance permits a man to hit women. And if your man is violent then he is definitely not the Mr. Right.


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