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Know Why Foot Care And Monitoring Is Important?

Updated at: Dec 10, 2019
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Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Dec 10, 2019
Know Why Foot Care And Monitoring Is Important?

Apply moisturizing foot cream or petroleum jelly before going out and before sleeping. Always choose shoes carefully and try to wear comfortable shoes

Your feet are a very important part of our body. They carry the full weight of our body, but still, we do not take care of them like our face. You might not know, but many problems occur by not paying attention to the feet, such as bacterial infections of the feet, corns, cracked skin (and various foot problems). All these problems can bother you a lot, and to avoid them, one must learn to take care of the feet. Don't worry as you do not have to work hard for it. Do it with the help of these easy steps:

Wash feet

How many of you wash your feet well after returning home in the evening? Very few people do this! But it is very important to protect the feet from bacterial infection. Usually, we all wear shoes and socks all day, which can cause infection in the feet. Besides, during the rainy season, dirty water can also damage the skin of the feet. In particular, there is a high chance of bacterial and fungal infections on the skin between the toes, so clean it thoroughly with soap and water.


Keep feet dry

Athlete's foot is a commonplace for a fungal infection that can cause itching, burning, peeling of the skin, and sometimes painful blisters. Moisture is also a major cause of this fungal infection. So always try to keep your feet dry. For this, after washing the feet, let it dry.

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Moisturizing is also important

Just as you moisturize your face to make it soft, feet should also be moisturized. Feet are cracked due to dryness in them and sometimes they are very painful. So every time you wash your feet, moisturize them. You can use cocoa butter or petroleum jelly for this.

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Remove dead skin

Like other parts of the skin, it is very important to remove the dead skin cells of the feet. For this, you exfoliate the skin of the feet once or twice a month. You can do this with the help of Pumice Stone or Loofa. Exfoliating the skin of the feet removes dead skin cells as well as dirt. Scrubbing by mixing olive oil and a few drops of peppermint or tea tree oil to exfoliate.

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The Softest Ever Foot Bath. ☁️🦶🏼🍊 So incredibly healing & calming both for the body and the mind. It always amazes me how deeply a simple warm foot bath can relax you. The warmth travels from toes to the whole body and just melts away the stress. After watching me soak my feet regularly Alva has been also wanting foot baths ever since she was 2. I usually just add warm water, salt and essential oils to our foot baths, but sometimes I drop in some extras. For example lemon, vinegar and salt are brilliant when feet are dry or heels are cracked. I designed this foot bath to the #AtTheHeartOfDiabetes campaign which is at the moment sharing information about the complications of type 2 diabetes. There are a lot of minor and severe complications that can come with T2D and you can read more about them through the link in my bio. For people with T2D it is essential to take care of their feet because issues in that area are common for example due to low circulation. Just make sure the water isn’t too hot and that you dry and moisturize your feet well after the bath so that the skin doesn’t dry from the spa. Also skip the soak if your feet have any open cuts or wounds. Next time you feel stressed after the day, give this mini spa a go. It’s a great ritual to have for example just before bed. ✨ Softest Ever Foot Bath ✨ Warm water 3 tbsp sea salt 3 tbsp white vinegar 3 drops Lavender essential oil + 1 tbsp oat milk or vegetable oil (Try also eucalyptus and/or peppermint essential oils for tired feet) a few lemon slices or juices from half a lemon Fill a big bowl or basin with warm water. Stir in the salt and vinegar. Mix the oat milk or oil with the essential oils in a glass/tiny bowl to help to incorporate the essential oil into the water. Pour into the water and stir. Squeeze in some lemon juice too. Submerge your feet in the water and soak them for 20 minutes. Take your feet out of the water and dry them with a towel. Collaboration with @boehringer_ingelheim #AtTheHeartOfDiabetes

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Take care

  • To take care of the feet, soak the feet occasionally in lukewarm water. You can also add salt to water if you want and rub your feet. This not only cleanses the feet but also eliminates the fatigue of your entire day. After rubbing the feet, you apply the cream on it.
  • Similarly, you can use a hydrating mask to pamper the feet. For this, you can mash the bananas in lemon juice and mix it well. Apply it on your feet and wash it after 20 minutes with warm water.

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