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Know Various Mental Health Challenges LGBT Community Face

Mental Health By Varsha Vats , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Sep 07, 2018
Know Various Mental Health Challenges LGBT Community Face

The Supreme Court has abolished section 377, which criminalises homosexuality. LGBT community not only faces discrimination but many health and mental issues. Know various mental health conditions faced by them. 

The Supreme Court made history by striking down section 377, which criminalised homosexuality. The verdict is a major victory for LGBT community across the nation. LGBT community not only faces discrimination but many health and mental issues. 

LGBT community has been linked with higher rates of suicide, psychiatric disorders and substance abuse due to discrimination and denial of their civil and human rights. Hence, it is extremely important to understand and support them. The recent verdict will definitely improve the conditions for them which will help them to lead a happy life just like others. It will bring a social change and remove the stigma around them. But there are various mental health issues they go through, read on to know them.

Mental health conditions faced by LGBT community 


LGBT people have higher possibility of getting depressed than the rest of the population. Suicide due to depression is one of the major causes for death among them. Depression is a consequence of not being able to share their thoughts openly. Constant stress due to various external factors also leads to depression. Lack of social acceptance is a reason for continuous worry for them.

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LGBT people are afraid to come out because they experience various cold-hearted situations. The discrimination they face on a daily basis takes a toll on their mental health. The fact that they are different and are a minor community tigers them continuously and leads to anxiety. 

Lack of acceptance by society

LGBT people do not get the acceptance they expect from the society. Finally by striking off section 377 acceptance of LGBT people has been given a big thumbs up.

Lack of self acceptance 

The fact that they are different leads to lack of self acceptance among them. Transgender face this issue mainly. Due to uncomfortable social response they start to develop negative feelings about themselves. 

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Fear of abandonment issues

Emotional abandonment leads to various insecurities like feeling left behind, undesired or discarded

Relationship issues

As LGBT is a minor community, they face a lot of relationship issues. They may face lack of acceptance from their partner's family and friends, which can lead to stress in their relationship.

Abolishing section 377 is a big step towards humanity and equality, slowly and gradually it will also improve metal health conditions for them. 


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