National Nutrition Week 2020: Time To Replace Table Sugar With Coconut Sugar

Updated at: Sep 01, 2020
National Nutrition Week 2020: Time To Replace Table Sugar With Coconut Sugar

National Nutrition Week 2020: Coconut sugar is the new sugar. There are so many benefits of healthy coconut sugar. Read everything here.

Chanchal Sengar
Healthy DietWritten by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 01, 2020

Worried about weight gain or blood sugar or increased calories? The best you can do is omit sugar from your diet. By sugar, we mean table sugar or white sugar. It is not good for health especially if you are adopting a healthy lifestyle. But hey! Don’t get sad as you can still have sugar and not gain. Want to know how? The answer is Coconut Sugar. This National Nutrition Week 2020 which is all about creating awareness regarding nutrition and health, we would like you to stock up on coconut sugar. Read on to know the benefits of coconut sugar.

There are many alternatives for sugar like allulose and jaggery but coconut sugar is the best. It is made from dried sap of coconut palm which is 100% organic and unprocessed. This might cost you a little extra but health is always more important than wealth, agree? Let us tell you the health advantages of replacing table sugar with coconut sugar.

Coconut sugar is healthier than table sugar

One of the many benefits of coconut sugar is that it is healthier than other sugar alternatives. Firstly, it is unprocessed. Secondly, it is organic and thirdly, it has a high nutritive value as compared to white sugar.

  • The Glycemic index of coconut sugar is only 35 whereas the same of white sugar is about 60. This means that coconut sugar won’t spike your blood sugar levels as table sugar does.
  • In addition to this, coconut sugar is said to be rich in many minerals like zinc, iron, potassium, fiber, flavonoids and polyphenols. Whereas white sugar is deficient in all of these!

Coconut sugar has fewer calories

Calories play a very important role in your health. It is said that you must burn all the calories consumed to stay fit. Which means the more calories you consume, the more physical exercise you should do. This is why per-meal calorie distribution is very important. Coming back to point, while white sugar offers 40 calories per 5 gram, coconut sugar only has 20-25 calories which are a huge difference.

Coconut sugar has prebiotics

Do you know prebiotics are very important for your gut health? Coconut sugar contains prebiotics(fiber named inulin) that aid digestion. Unlike regular sugar whose consumption causes digestive troubles, the intake of coconut sugar boosts gut health.

Control blood sugar level

We have already mentioned that coconut sugar prevents an increase in blood sugar levels thereby managing diabetes. The low GI of coconut sugar makes it healthy for diabetics. It contains both fructose and glucose that increases the health quotient. 

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It is vegan

If you are following veganism, you can have coconut sugar without a second thought. Many people do not know that white sugar contains bone char which is not right for a vegan diet. Thus, coco sugar is not only healthy but also cent percent vegan.

What are you waiting for? Order your coconut sugar packet now and replace it with white sugar. But remember, being healthy doesn’t mean you would overconsume it. Have everything in moderation even if it is healthy.

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