Know The Benefits and Side-Effects Of Giving Powdered Milk To Babies

Updated at: Jun 22, 2020
Know The Benefits and Side-Effects Of Giving Powdered Milk To Babies

Powdered milk is becoming quite common these days. While this is safe but there are certain side effects of baby milk powders that you should know.

Chanchal Sengar
Tips for ParentWritten by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jun 22, 2020

Breast milk is liquid gold for babies. Doctors emphasize on breastfeeding the baby for at least six months. Breast milk contains all the vital nutrients that a newborn needs to fulfill the dietary requirements in the initial months as it is the only food that the infant can have. Mother’s milk helps in building the baby’s muscles but in some cases, babies cannot digest breast milk or the mother is unable to feed the baby. In such circumstances, the baby is given formula milk or powdered milk. But is it safe to feed the baby powdered milk? Are there any side effects of baby milk powder? Know the pros and cons in this article.

What is powdered milk?

Nothing can replace the mother’s milk for a baby’s growth and development. However, there are certain cases where breastfeeding is difficult and hence, out of choice, a mother feeds the baby powdered milk or formula milk. Milk powders for babies are made artificially by vaporizing the liquid milk. It is solely made to satisfy the nutritional needs of the baby. These days, a lot of mothers are opting for formula milk for one or the other reason. But not many of them know the advantages of powdered milk along with disadvantages. Through this article, we tried to highlight all the information.

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Advantages of Powdered Milk

  • Rich with essential nutrients: Formula milk is being made with all the nutrients that should be given to a newborn for his growth and development. It also shields the baby against infections and anemia.
  • No relation with the mother’s diet: Usually, the nutrition of the baby depends on the breastfeeding mother’s diet. In this case, the mother can eat anything.
  • Easy to feed anytime anywhere: While breastfeeding becomes problematic at some places, with powdered milk this becomes easy. Just milk it and feed the baby.
  • Reduced risk of transferable diseases: When breastfeeding, the risk of a disease transfer from mother to baby is high. Giving powdered milk reduces the risk and secures the health of the baby.
  • Ease nipple discomfort: Nipple soreness and pain are very common with breastfeeding. The mothers are also relieved of this problem. 

Powdered Milk Side-Effects

Let’s talk about the side-effects of powdered milk for babies.

  • Lacks antibodies: Nothing is better than mother’s milk for a baby. mother’s milk contains antibodies that protect the child by boosting his immunity. Powdered milk lacks antibodies that may not strengthen the baby’s immune system.
  • Not easily digestible for some babies: Since it is artificially manufactured, it might not be easily digestible by the baby. It may take more time in digesting. Sometimes, the baby vomits immediately after drinking the milk. 
  • Time taking process: You need to be very precise with making formula milk. The right amount to powder in the right amount of water makes the apt concoction. This takes time to make.
  • Costly: While breast milk is naturally produced in the mother’s body, powdered milk is meant to buy from the market. Also, it is costly for the manufacturing process involved. mother’s milk is definitely irreplaceable.

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