Extreme weight loss methods that produce fast results

Updated at: Sep 11, 2017
Extreme weight loss methods that produce fast results

Extreme weight loss is a practice of losing weight rapidly by burning your fat but it could be dangerous some times. Know some ways to lose weight severely.

Himanshu Sharma
Weight ManagementWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Sep 11, 2017

Ever-increasing popularity of the extreme weight loss methods is because it offers losing large amounts of weight through a strategy that seems simple.

Weighing more than you should or being obese can make the body prone to several medical conditions and ailments (such as diabetes and CVDs). Therefore, it is important to lose weight to maintain good health and wellness.

You may have heard of low-calorie diets (say 800 calories or less per day), but there are other serious weight loss techniques too.

Liquid diet

In a liquid diet, an individual may only have liquids in their body, and no solids eatables. Dieter follows a strict schedule of juicing for 24 or 48 hours, depending on the weight-loss goal. It helps them lose substantial weight but also to cleanse and detoxify the body.

Meal replacement

Meals are replaced with a diet product in a meal replacement. Fruit juice, smoothies and shakes are the kind of things expected to replace daily meals on this type of diet.

extreme weight loss methods

Fruit and vegetable diets

Another popular extreme weight loss method is fruit and vegetable diets, the most popular ones include The Lemonade Diet, Grapefruit Diet, Watermelon Diet and Cabbage Soup Diet. Basically, a fruit or vegetable is the main primary food in this weight loss diet. Dieters eat large amounts of primary food to lose weight.

Diet pills

In this extreme way to lose weight, a practitioner is required to take fat burning pills, also known as diet pills. The function of these pills is to raise people's metabolic rates and decrease their appetites for serious weight loss. These are not to be used to replace meals but advised to be taken with food.


According to ‘The Miracle of Fasting’, fasting boosts weight burning process besides cleansing the body. The traditional fast that calls for drinking only water as a way to lose weight severely isn’t the way to go; you do not need to do a full fast. Eat only fresh, raw fruits, vegetables and nuts for one to three days to see a change in you.

Low-carbs diet

If you structure a diet that is low in carbohydrates, you can get lean fast. You only need 30 to 50 gm of carbs per day or eat carbohydrate enrich eatable once in 48 hours, preferably in the morning before or after a workout. It is not advised to be followed in the long run. The method is acknowledged for balancing metabolic rate and preventing muscle protein loss.

Dangers of extreme weight loss plans

Extreme weight loss methods sound inviting as it promise weight loss in a short span of time. The claims are true but these methods may turn out to be harmful. The common complaint of those who have practiced them is that they regain all the weight back after stopping the weight loss plan, sometimes more than what they started with.

Some other dangers of the extreme weight loss methods include constipation (most diet plans lack fibre), malnutrition, dehydration and other health problems such as gallstones. Therefore, it is advised to consult your health practitioner before trying any sort of extreme weight loss programs.

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