Key Rules for Dating

Updated at: Dec 15, 2012
Key Rules for Dating

Key Rules for Dating: Dating may seem any Stifler's sport, but there is also that layer of the population that can't help but ruin it. Perhaps they haven't abided by the key rules for dating, eh?

Bhadra Kamalasanan
DatingWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Nov 02, 2012

Key Rules for Dating

“Do not pick his/her calls; make him/her yearn”.

“Always look your best even if it takes hours in front of the mirror to be that perfect”.

Sounds familiar? If you listened to your friends when they gave you these archaic advices as an attempt to keep your date from being ruined, you deserve disappointment. Date after date. Such tips barely stood the test of time and here are some that should help you be a better sport at dating.

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Do not Hang on to your Date

Even if it seems that you have a great potential right at the beginning of your date, don’t start planning your future with him/her right away. This holds important especially for women, some of whom even start planning a family in their mind right after the first conversation over the telephone. Do not be all over your date. Let him/her have his/her own space to decide what he/she wants to do.

Do not be Late

Whether you are a man or a woman, it is not polite to have someone cooling his/her heels. And if your dear friends told you getting the guy or the girl wait will increase his/her anticipation and eagerness to meet you, it is time you stop paying heed to their relationship titbits. To have someone wait for you is being rude. That’s right, rude, irrespective of your intentions.


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Be Positive

Not just on the inside but also the outside. Remember that it is a date that you are on, not a therapy. Spilling guts about how much your boss nails you at work would only make the date your last with that person. Ensure that you be hopeful of at least friendship and not be dejected if he/she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. If all your frenzy about being in a relationship with him/her collapses, do not sit back and hold your head down in anguish. There are many fish in the sea, after all.    

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 Do not Reveal too many Details

No matter how reliant your date seems, do not fall into giving details about your ancestry or anything for that matter. You do not know him/her enough yet to be giving personal details away. Besides, your date will like to know you even more if you let yourself remain a mystery.

Key rules for dating can run several pages, but the ones above will help you just how you want whatever be the situation.


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