Keep Your Relationship Strong Post Baby’s Arrival

Updated at: Aug 30, 2012
Keep Your Relationship Strong Post Baby’s Arrival

Keep Your Relationship Strong Post Baby’s Arrival : The new born baby that has just entered your home is a gift of God. However, this may turn out to be a test for you and your spouse. Read and leran ways to keep your relationship strong.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
DatingWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Aug 08, 2012

Keep Your Relationship Strong Post Babys Arrival

A baby is a gift of God that every parent looks forward to. There is something about those little fingers and wandering eyes that tells you that creation is real and providence is kind, close to your heart. Most times, the journey of having a baby can turn out to be a difficult one and you may think that after birth the worst is over. But, hold that thought, because the worst may still be on its way.


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Your relationship most times may get stained after the arrival of your bundle of joy. There are many issues that bother parents after the birth of a child. Things may seem a little tiring and days may not seem to end, but don’t give up just yet, learn to hold the fort post your baby’s arrival.


Talk – The most difficult of issues are solved talking, in the UN, in the Parliament and world over. Do not just let things be, go ahead and talk to your spouse regarding whatever problem you may be having. A father may be worried about a good future for the little one in terms of money; mother may be worried about the brat’s safety. Everyone is in a state of constant stress both emotionally and physically. Do not let your relationship go for a toss, just be a little more careful.


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Find Time – It is indeed very difficult to get a hold of time when your baby is wailing away to glory throughout the day yet I am certain you can find some. Take out some time for your spouse and spend some quality time together. Though your discussion I am sure will mostly revolve around the new member but it will surely bring the two of you close.


Intimacy – It may be a little difficult to have sex all the time, but who told you can’t hold your loved one close to your heart and just stay still? The most romantic form of intimacy is the ‘comfortable silence’, when all you are comfortable doing is just looking at each other without a word. That is the most divine form of intimacy and don’t tell me you don’t have time for that! Just be together, cuddle and watch your new born sleep. God will smile down at you.


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Be Patient – Lord Buddha had said, “The greatest prayer is patience”. Do not just read the quote but understand it, patience is one such virtue which is on the brink of extinction. People want things fast, but remember your baby and your relationship is not the internet or the subway train. Give things time; let everything grow in its usual way. Give time to your spouse, understand each other and be by each other every time. Allow yourself to understand the heart of life and please leave the voracious claims of modern life at your doorstep.


When you have reached the autumn of your life you would want to look back and smile thinking of the summer time. Make sure you leave a beautiful summer behind or else there would be nothing to comfort you in the bitter cold.




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