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Kangaroo Care for Infants

Newborn Care By Jaya Shukla , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 23, 2011
Kangaroo Care for Infants

Newborn Care - During kangaroo care, small stable premature infants, dressed only in a diaper and are placed in skin-to-skin contact with their parent's chest.

What is Kangaroo care?

Kangaroo care is a form of skin to skin contact between newborn and their parents. Kangaroo care could be provided by mother or father. Baby wearing only a diaper, is held upright against parent’s bare chest for about 20 to 25 minutes at least four hours a day. Make sure that baby’s back is properly covered with a blanket or parent’s clothing. It is quite similar to kangaroo’s pouch and hence it is called as kangaroo care.

During the time parents hold babies in this way, babies fall asleep within few minutes and their temperature requirement is also maintained as they sleep closer to their parent. Kangaroo care helps the kids to grow faster. It is found this technique helps kids in maintaining their oxygen level. One may learn the technique of kangaroo care through a nurse or  a doctor.  Kangaroo care is also a unique experience for the the new borns bonding with his/her parents Be careful that the temperature of the room should be normal when you are kangaroo caring your baby.

Why Kangaroo care is important ?

Kangaroo care is very beneficial for infant’s health.

  • It keeps baby’s heart rate normal.
  • Parents who are providing kangaroo care to their babies fall asleep faster than usual.
  • Such babies often cry less as compared to other babies. They remain healthy and happy.
  • Their breathing pattern remains normal and it is helpful in building parent and infant’s bond.
  • Infants feel comfort while hearing parent’s heart beat.
  • Parent’s body provides warm to babies.

Kangaroo care is prescribed for those babies who are underweight or babies who are separated from their mothers due to any reason. It makes infants feel much secure. Kangaroo care can be provided by a father also.

Importance of keeping the baby covered all the time

Newborn babies are bundled up in hospital because their body should be warm. Since newborn babies can’t adjust their body temperature they need to be covered all the time.

Cover your baby all the time with comfortable  clothing, as the changing temperature may be harmful to your baby irrespective of whether you are in hospital or you are at home, cover so that sunrays or changing temperature do not affect your baby’s general health.

During cold weather, always cover baby’s feet, hands and head.


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