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How to prevent jet lag when you fly next

How to prevent jet lag when you fly next
Quick Bites
  • Jet lag occurs when you travel across different time zones.
  • The common symptoms of jet lag are fatigue and irregular sleep.
  • Tune yourself to new time in advance.
  • Stay active; stretch your muscle on the flight.

Jet lag is a physiological condition, medically termed desynchronosis. It occurs when you travel quickly between two different time zones. Such kind of travel is capable of disrupting or desynchronising your internal clock and external time.


prevent jet lag


Symptoms of jet lag

The common symptoms of jet lag are fatigue, irregular sleep patterns, insomnia, headaches, diarrhoea, nausea, constipation, swelling on hands/feet and ear aches. The more extreme the time zone alteration, the more severe symptoms might be.


What can be done to prevent jet lag?

Tune yourself to new, future schedule: Depending on where you’re flying to start moving your bedtime. For instance, if you’re traveling to the east, go to bed earlier than the usual time. Keep doing it for successive nights. And, if you’re traveling to the west do the opposite.

Be prepared psychologically: The moment you get on the craft tune your watch to the local time of the country you’re flying to.


Stay hydrated: Since you’re going to ravel for long in the low pressure cabins it’s essential that you keep yourself hydrated. Keep sipping water throughout the air journey. Carry moisturizer, nasal drops and eye drops too. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks.


Move your limbs: Stretch your muscle on the flight. Do not stay static. It is advisable that you get up and walk. However, soon after you land your destination country, avoid heavy exercises before bedtime. It will disrupt you sleep pattern. If you don’t move around your effort to resynchronise internal and external time would go in vain.


Wise eating choices: There are no diets which can actually prevent or combat the symptoms of jet lag. The only remedy, however, is that you do not eat a heavy meal right before bedtime. Moreover, avoid fatty and high-carb diet.


Hot bath before bedtime: Hot bath tends to relax the sore muscles from travel. This is the best way to unwind and lull you off to sleep.


Eliminate sleep distraction: On airplane, eye mask and ear plugs come handy. They will rescue you from sleep distraction and sooth your senses. However, do not force yourself to sleep either in the aircraft or in the new destination because it can lead to unwanted frustration.


Reach early for acclimatisation: It is the best to reach your destination a couple of days before any event or meeting that you are supposed to attend. This way you can give yourself time to adapt to new time zone and recover from jet lag with ease.




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