Its crystal clear love is in the air

Updated at: Feb 29, 2016
Its crystal clear love is in the air

They had to be about the fragrance of a relationship and in order to integrate the brand’s philosophy to its audience, Envy 1000 decided to let the video be about the people themselves.

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Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Feb 26, 2016

A fragrant relationship can bloom a wilted heart. Envy 1000 has introduced its Crystal Clear range with this very vision. In order to bring more clarity to this thought, two 3-minute videos were launched on the eve of the most romanticised day of the year, Valentine’s Day. These videos have gone viral with lakhs of views and hundreds of shares and are being readily shared on all social media sites.


They had to be about the fragrance of a relationship and in order to integrate the brand’s philosophy to its audience, Envy 1000 decided to let the video be about the people themselves.


The social experiment was conceptualised by Vanesa, and articulated by Flamingo Digital Pvt Ltd to symbolize their vision of true love. The video shooting took place in a bustling mall at Jaipur and because it was envisaged that the video would be about the people themselves, pamphlets and flyers about the event, were distributed beforehand. On the day of the activation, after a steady introduction of the Envy 1000 Crystal Clear deodorant range, volunteering couples were asked to introduce themselves. After this, they were interviewed together and individually.


Deodorants have been seen only as a product to remove body odour. However, it serves greater purpose. They don’t only help prevent you from getting smelly, but deodorants help you define your identity and thereby, in relationships, it is this fragrance that you associate each other with. Envy Crystal ranges, add the silver lining to the cloud. This was reflected in the activities the participating couples went through wherein they were to identify each other with their fragrance. They were also asked questions with similar choices to see how well they understood each other and their respective choices.


The fun-filled event led to the announcement of the winners, who got an exotic dinner date and all the participants won loads of hampers, couple movie vouchers and gifts from Envy1000. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, the participants were quite enthusiastic about their love and thus, as the interviews took place, one witnessed several moments of passion, romance, playfulness and deep love. Questions on intimate topics such as favourite place to make love and flirting behind partner, generated both awe and embarrassment at same time.


The brand, Envy 1000 has lived up to its philosophy of being crystal clear which is reflected in its unique transparent PET packaging of the Crystal range. The message of how crystal clear thoughts lay an unshakable foundation for a long-lasting amorous relationship was well received by the participants as well as the audiences.


Envy 1000



Mr. Saurabh Gupta, Director, Sales & Marketing, Vanesa Care Pvt Ltd says, “With our new campaign, we have tried to leave an ever-lasting impression on the Digital Media. In today's age I feel, it is hard to ignore the power of Digital Media. Digital Campaigns remain there forever which is why we have tried to create an emotional connect between the consumers and the brand itself. We have tried to take a deep dive into the core need of the fragrance, and highlighted the importance of olfactory in one’s daily life.  We believe our current campaign for Envy1000 crystal is able to do just that.


The newly launched Envy1000 crystal is a luxurious range of perfume spray which has a very young appeal and mesmerizing fragrance.
Further, to his valuable input, Mr. Saket Govind, Sr. Brand Manager, added, “Envy1000 crystal has very differentiated positioning of ‘being crystal clear’, which is reflected in both packaging and mesmerising no gas fragrance for both men and women. Our focus is to young-ify the brand and make it part of their everyday life. Mostly, we make campaigns which are one-sided conversations, passed on to the viewers. However, here actual couples were part of the campaign and that’s the reason we already have million views across platforms.”


Yeshwant Miranda and Mahmood Alam are the creative directors behind the conception and activation idea of the video that has gone viral and has generated monumental interest about the role of fragrance in a relationship. Yeshwant said, “Viral video is an engaging way of connecting with the youth. And this idea of keeping it clear and that too by real couples, makes it as real as real can be!” Mahmood Alam reminisces about the concept, “It all started with the precise brief- Keep it clear. The fragrance of honesty is irreplaceable in a relationship.”

Bhavesh Jhalani from Flamingo Digital, has managed the entire campaign, including the conception and delivering of this video. He says, “We see Envy1000 as a thoughtful leader brand, their openness to ideas differentiate them in the category. ‘It’s Crystal Clear, Love is in the Air! #Keepitclear’, is one such campaign.”


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