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It is all in a palate

Exercise & Fitness By Dr Anjali Mukherjee , Expert Content / Jan 14, 2013
It is all in a palate

It is usually the way you `look’ or `feel’ that pushes you to become aware that all is not well with you. Dr Anjali Mukherjee guides on how a few dietary changes will ensure good health.


re educate the pallate Have you looked in the mirror and realized that you just don’t look as good as you used to? Or realized that you have been putting on weight or you are tired of feeling tired? It is usually the way you `look’ or `feel’ that pushes you to become aware that all is not well with you.  Your fatigue and depression are just expressions of the way you are eating and living which upsets your biochemistry.

Generally, most of us are clearly aware that something is wrong with our bodies but we just cannot seem to take the necessary action to correct the same. 

Few of us actually need our diseases or discomforts to be labeled, as say diabetes or heart disease etc for us to be serious and force ourselves into action and take the required treatment. Some of us in fact do take the necessary action but lose patience as we do not see quick results. When a doctor tries to explain his patient to avoid taking too many drugs and instead cleanse the body, modify his eating habits to improve whole bio chemistry needs to change, the patient quickly becomes impatient as for him it is a slow process to yield the results that he desires.


To experience good health, I would suggest the following, a few dietary changes that your palate must get accustomed to:


• Make friends with vegetables: Vegetables should be an important focus of your diet.  Most vegetables being alkaline have a balancing effect on the generally acidic body. Vegetables thus help reduce acidic conditions.  Also, they are rich in chlorophyll, the green pigment whose structure is similar to that of blood. Chlorophyll thus helps in better oxygenation of the tissues. More oxygen leads to better assimilation and hence better energy production.  Leafy vegetables have the highest amount of chlorophyll.  Vegetables are also particularly rich in minerals, fiber and hence help to detoxify the body effectively.  Raw vegetable juices are more advisable than cooked vegetables as they are denser in nutrients

• Limes and lemons: Use them as they have an alkalizing effect on the body and also assist the body in eliminating toxins. Keep them handy and readily squeeze them into your drinking water through the day.  Also use them as a salad dressing or on your dals.

• Almonds: They are alkaline and also rich in protein, essential oils, calcium and magnesium. Hence, always keep a few almonds - soaked and ready to eat in the fridge. They form an excellent in between snack food.  You can also use them in salads instead of croutons  (Bread pieces)

• Include sprouts in your daily meals: You can sprout anything from wheat, jowar, soyabeans, mung, beans, channa, black beans etc. Sprouts are the best foods that you can eat.  They have `life force’ within them which gets transferred to you.  They are energizing and alkalizing, packed with enzymes.  The protein in the sprouted grain gets predigested into easily assimilated amino acids and their nutrient density shoots up.


Most people live to eat though it should rightly be the other way round.  And I don’t blame their palates for getting jaded after consuming so much of overcooked, excessively salty, mish mashed dead food.  Their palates become insensitive to the subtle flavours of whole, natural food.  If you are one of those who identify with this, have no fear! Conscious effort is all that is necessary to re-educate the palate. 


As you begin eating foods that are closest to their natural forms, your tastebuds will slowly awaken to the glorious sensation that you are treating them to.  There is certainly no wisdom in self-destruction, just because you are a slave to your taste buds.



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