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Is your Man not in the Mood for Sex?

Snr By Tilottama Chatterjee , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 17, 2011
Is your Man not in the Mood for Sex?

Is your man loosing interest in sex? Not seems to be in mood for sex? Loss of libido is common in 15 to 16 percent of men. Here are some of the reasons for decreased sex drive.

Sad coupleMale libido fuelled by high levels of testosterone causes constant desire for sex in men. However today’s stressful life styles create pressures like:

  • employers extracting the maximum from a man in return for exorbitant salaries in a high pressure job environment,
  • that has highly competitive colleagues vying to do better in performanceevaluations,
  • which includes punishing deadlines and targets and
  • the fears of lay-off with its attendant problems of giving up the ‘good life’ with multiple gadgets and material comforts at home,
  • in case of poor grades in the evaluations.

These are huge stressors that affect their interest in sex and performance in the bedroom. Apart from the stresses mentioned, many men worry that they may not be able to satisfy their aggressively demanding partner who taunts him about the lack of sex,which further increases anxiety levels and psychogenic impotence.


The need for instant gratification and stupendous consumerism available today, create stresses relating to credit card debts, car and house loan repayments that could be other important stressors.


Other stresses that are a part of life could be unresolved anger and resentment between couples, family squabbles, health concerns of parents and children. These dampen sexual feelings in all human beings.


Chronic illness, obesity, fatigue, insomnia, excessive smoking and drinking and general lack of fitness, are in a category of ‘physical stressors’ that adversely affects sexual desire and performance.


Losses of libido in men or inhibited sexual desire are matters that either men or women do not like to talk about. This lack of communication stresses marriage more than any obvious sexual dysfunction.


Losing interest in sex is not a common occurrence for men as it is for women. Statistics suggest that it affects about 15 to 16 percent of men and double that number for women; but men are far more concerned about this aspect of their lives than women as their masculinity is so linked to their sexuality that it is very threatening.


Loss of libido creates greater unhappiness about the rest of their lives in men than it does to women. While loss of libido is something you may not have to live with forever, there ismuch that can be done to revive the sex drive and a happy outlook on life with love and patience.

Some of them could be exercises that tone muscles that are used in the sex act like the back and pelvic muscles; taking time off without other intruding elements- children, pets , phone calls as a routine once or twice a month; watching a romantic movie together; going for a vacation together. Togetherness could be the key to revive the lost libido.

In men, various illnesses could decrease the sex drive.  Some of them are thyroid disease, tumours in the pituitary gland that controls most of male sex hormone production including sex hormones, and depression, are directly linked to low libido. It is advisable that men who feel their physical condition has decreased their sex drive should consult a physician, keeping in mind that loss of libido is sometimes the only recognizable symptom of a more serious medical problem.


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