Is Your Child a Picky Eater? Know Tips to Deal with it

Updated at: Sep 26, 2018
Is Your Child a Picky Eater? Know Tips to Deal with it

As a mother you must be worried about your child’s sufficient nutrients because your kid refuses to eat what you offer. Here are some ways to tackle picky eaters and make them eat healthy food.

Varsha Vats
Tips for ParentWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Sep 26, 2018

As a mother you must be worried about your child’s sufficient nutrients because your kid refuses to eat what you offer. They are very choosy when it comes to food and hardly picks a few items from the dining table. Sometimes it becomes very hard to get your child to try new foods. Don't worry, you are not alone in this struggle as children sometimes become picky.

Dealing with children who are picky eaters can be a tough task. Children who are picky eaters do not get the proper amount of nutrients that a growing body requires. But you can deal with this problem with some using some easy and creative ways. For every mother who wants her kid to receive all the necessary nutrients, here are some ways to tackle picky eaters and make them eat healthy food.

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Be creative and make eating fun

Some kids can say no to food by its appearance. Make your food appealing. Try shaping the food with a cookie cutter. Add bright colours to your recipes by adding colourful vegetables like carrot, spinach etc. You can add chopped vegetables to kids' favourite food items like pasta or macaroni. You can also add an extra element like a tasty sauce or a dip.

Set a good example for your kids

Your child is more likely to eat healthy food if you do the same. As children learn by observing, their eating habits are developed by watching your eating behaviour. By letting your children observe you eating nutritious foods can develop an interest in them to try as well. Don’t expect them to eat vegetables if you won’t.

Engage healthy snacking

Replace fried snacks like chips or fries with a healthy alternative. You must but healthy snacking items like flax seeds, flavoured yoghurt, whole grains biscuits or oats. Snacks should be avoided just before mealtime as it can kill hunger. There should be enough gap between mealtime and snacks. Cut down fried snacks and sugary drinks from your kid's diet completely.

Cut down all distractions

Do not include TV or mobile phones during mealtime. This helps the child focus on eating. Create a distraction-free environment on the dining table. Kids might not even notice when they are full or might not eat properly if they are too involved in television or mobile phone. Also, make sure that the whole family sits together for dinner, this will create a good environment for the kids to eat.

Include your kids in Meal Planning and Cooking

Get your children involved in cooking, shopping and choosing meals. Letting them help preparing a meal will develop an interest in them to eat the same. Take your children to the grocery store, ask your child to help you select fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. Ask them for help while cooking which is appropriate for their age.

Pay Attention to Your Child’s Preferences

Children have preferences for certain tastes. Come up with a recipe using the same ingredient and carefully watch what your child prefers. It will help you offer them foods which they are more likely to accept. Then you will clearly differentiate whether your kid likes soft cooked vegetables or crispy ones.

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Be patient with new ingredients 

Kids require patience especially when it comes to food preferences. Serve new foods along with your child's favourites. Keep serving your child healthy choices until they become familiar with them. Pressuring your child to consume food can increase pickiness and your child will end up eating less. Children are not familiar with all food items. It will take time to attain a taste. Slowly, they will acquire a taste for them. You need to be patient and also serve new foods in small quantities.

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