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The New Trend of Grooming your Vagina - how safe is it?

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 03, 2012
The New Trend of Grooming your Vagina - how safe is it?

Whether the vaginal grooming trend is safe or not depends on how well you can care for whatever treatment you are going through.

The trend of vaginal grooming, though is not very prevalent there happens to be a fair amount of curiousity surrounding it.


vaginal groomingThere is a lot to vaginal grooming than just the Brazilian wax or trim. Here are some vaginal grooming trends we have gone deep into the subject and dug out.


Dyeing pubic hair is colouring it to cover up gray or amuse one's partner. Whether dyeing pubic hair is safe or not has been a part of years of research. The skin that lies beneath the pubic hair can get far more easily irritated than hair on any other part of the body. Besides, most hair dyes are meant for scalp hair. If you must dye the pubic hair, but are not sure if that is going to irritate the skin, try dyeing the armpits first since the skin around the armpits is as sensitive as it is down there.



Piercing of the vagina usually involves the clitoral hood, but the inner and outer labia or perineum may also be pierced. Piercing in any part of the body increases the chances of infection. If you must pierce, ensure that you take meticulous aftercare. Watch out for swelling, redness or other symptoms.


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Brazilian Wax

Brazilian wax is used to take most or all of the pubic hair. Waxing the pubic area may cause delicate skin to tear off or irritation. In fact, Brazilian wax can lead to ingrown hair, infections and rashes. Also, if you get Brazilian wax done from an unhygienic salon, you increase your chances of suffering from the aforementioned problems. If you notice anything unusual with the pubic skin post waxing, do not hesitate to call a doctor.


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Vajjazzling is the art of dolling freshly waxed pubic skin with stick-ons. There is a decent chance that you may get away with it, especially if it is your first. There, however, is no guarantee as to how your freshly waxed pubic skin will react to the adhesives. The stick-ons may become scratchy ones you get to business. A better option would be to spend money on lingerie instead.


Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Genital cosmetic surgery includes the alterations of a woman’s genitals by way of shortening or reshaping the labia, tightening of the vagina and clitoral unhooding. All kinds of surgeries have their own risks some of the most significant ones include permanent disfigurement, scar tissue, etc. Experts suggest that women undergo cosmetic surgery of their vagina only if there is any medical problem.



Bleaching refers to the lightening of the skin of the vulva chemically. Whether a bleach is designed for laundry or for the labia, it is ought to irritate the skin, cause blistering and sometimes, even burns. Considering the risks that one may have to take to bleach the pubic hair, most experts think bleaching a silly idea.


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