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Is Using Weight Gain Capsules Safe?

Weight Management By Pratima Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 10, 2011
Is Using Weight Gain Capsules Safe?

Weight Gain capsules have always been under a shadow of doubt with regards to their side effects. Know what pills are safe and how you can use them to enhance your bulk in a positive manner.

Weight gain pills are easily available these days. A simple online search will churn out numerous options for you. However, is using weight gain capsules safe? Although opinions are divided, a fair bit of discretion would be advised before resorting to capsules meant for speedy weight gain. The ideal start would be to read up as much as possible on the associated side effects, before proceeding to make a choice. Medical intervention would also be advised at all times.

Is Using Weight Gain Capsules Safe?

  • Weight gain capsules work towards speedy weight gain in several ways. One of them in by enhancing appetite. When you feel hungrier, naturally you would eat more. In case you aren’t able to watch your diet at all times, you might end up binging on unhealthy food items. This will cause weight gain through accumulation of body fat, pushing you towards obesity in the process. High percentage of body fat is often associated with several health problems. Therefore, in a bid to gain body mass, you actually compromise your health.
  • There are some weight gain capsules which also work by slackening the pace of the metabolic rate of the body. In certain cases, slower metabolic rates can lead to associated problems such as lack of energy, tiredness etc. In case you are employed in a service which requires mental alertness and agility, these pills might cause serious problems. Slow metabolic rates might also result in health related complications.
  • Is using weight gain capsules safe when you are suffering from specific medical conditions? Well, it may not be exactly advisable. Most weight gain capsules would be packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Although most of these would have beneficial roles to play, they might not be suitable in certain health conditions. For example, if you are suffering from kidney problems, you might be advised to stay away from otherwise beneficial minerals like sodium and potassium.

The best option would be to choose weight gain pills which work towards enhancing muscle mass by adding to muscle fibers and nourishing muscular growth. It would be advisable to check on the labels therefore, and analyze the functions of the product. Better still, you would also be required to read up on the ingredients and assess if they are harmful to the body in anyway. To be doubly safe, always consider getting the product checked from your physician or doctor, before you can invest on it.


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