Is it Safe for a Baby to Sleep with a Dog?

Updated at: May 19, 2011
Is it Safe for a Baby to Sleep with a Dog?

Is it Safe for a Baby to Sleep with a Dog?- It is not safe for a baby to sleep with a dog. If you are allowing your baby to sleep with dog then you are exposing him to many dangers.

Dr Poonam Sachdev
Tips for ParentWritten by: Dr Poonam SachdevPublished at: May 19, 2011

Most dog owners feel that their pet is a member of the family and they probably love the pet as much as their child. It is acceptable to feel so about your pet but you should not allow your baby to sleep with a dog. There are many dangers to your kid when he sleeps with a dog. As a parent, you are responsible for your child’s safety. Being aware of the risks to your baby when sleeping with a dog can help you to prevent them. Read on to know why it is not safe for a baby to sleep with your pet dog.



Dog Bite Injuries


Many children are seen in the emergency room with pet dog bites and most dog bite related injuries occur at home. The risk of dog bite related injuries to your child increases if you leave your baby alone with a dog on his bed.



Aggressive Pet Dogs


If your pet seems aggressive, do not ever leave your baby unattended with the dog or let it sleep with your baby. A sudden movement by your baby in sleep might startle the dog and cause it to attack your child. Not only an aggressive dog but a dog with good temper may also attack in self defence due sudden movement of the child.



Dog Toys


If your baby puts the dog’s toys in his mouth it can lead to serious problems such as choking, or infection (as your dog also licks the toy). Until your baby is around 3 years old, avoid getting your dog, toys that have small parts on which your baby can choke.





If your child sleeps with your pet there are hygienic problems as well. Your dog may be clean and vaccinated but because the baby's immune system is very sensitive, he may develop allergies and infections.


A dog is considered to be man’s best friend but you should not allow your baby to sleep with your dog. An easy way to ensure that the pet dog does not get into your baby's bed is to purchase a kennel. Let your dog sleep in the kennel at night.



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