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Is a Pregnancy Hormone Diet Safe?

Updated at: Aug 11, 2011
Written by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jun 09, 2011
Is a Pregnancy Hormone Diet Safe?

Hormone in Pregnancy - Find out if hormone pregnancy diet plan is good for you.

pregnant womanThe pregnancy hormone is called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). It has fat burning property and some say that it suppresses your appetite too. hCG has been approved by FDA as a hormone to be used in boys before puberty for normal sexual development. It is also permitted to be used in women but only for treating fertility problems. But that is it! It has not been approved as weight loss medication. Not only that, no peer reviewed science of any credibility has proved it. So, you put yourself under serious health risks by choosing this method for losing weight.


The pregnancy diet seems to have gained popularity more due to commercial reasons than due to relevant scientific research and development. The following are the health hazards of going on a pregnancy hormone diet –


  1. In a hCG diet, you are advised to take only 500 calories a day. Since you require 600 calories per day for working normally, you are depleting your body nutrition. It will lead to reduction of metabolism, muscle mass will melt away and your calorie burning capacity will suffer. hCG does not have anything to do with inducing weight loss. It is just that you did not follow the diet basics and ate too little to maintain your usual body mass.
  2. Your pangs of guilt make you feel it is your fault when this diet plan does not work out. You are so ashamed of your being overweight and have tried and failed in a few diet plans that not being able to comply seems natural. The real issue is that the diet plan was never intended to be successful.
  3. The various cleansing and detoxing procedures as suggested by a pregnancy hormone diet plan alter the growth of healthy bacteria in your intestine. Rather than cleaning your system, this cleansing and detoxification result in disturbed bowel movement. It leads to the inability of absorbing food and processing nutrients that are essential for the immune function.
  4. Overweight people usually have related medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood sugar, cholesterol and even depression. Swift weight loss, completely changed food consumption patterns, cleansing and detox schedules can radically affect these physical and mental conditions. The suitability of the medications needed for treatment of these conditions can be altered with the changes.

Since there are a lot of complications in following a pregnancy hormone diet plan and the very credibility of the science behind it in question, it is advisable to avoid it. It is highly expensive too.



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