Is Personal Intelligence a Road to Success?

Updated at: May 29, 2013
Is Personal Intelligence a Road to Success?

Is Personal Intelligence a Road to Success? PI has been the new talk of the town. Do you think it stand as much relevance as it has been claimed to?

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Office HealthWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Aug 22, 2012

Is Personal Intelligence a Road to Success

PI or personal intelligence is the new kid on the block if you want to be a success charmer. Personal intelligence has been staging a lot of attention even though the concept can still be presumed to be in its infancy kindly enough for its ability to shape one’s career and relationships.


To get the basics right, PI is the ability of knowing oneself. The importance of PI lies in the fact that only when one realised his/her true capabilities and intelligence can he/she truly live optimally. Imagine you have an extraordinarily hidden talent that you have no clue about and therefore, never recognising it. Another regrettably example would be that of overrating yourself and living in false pride only to be disappointed when reality comes draws the curtain open.


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If you get deeper into the essence of PI, it is the ability to reason about personality and use it as well as personal information to enhance one’s plans, thoughts and life experiences.


Chief components of personal intelligence include:


  • Recognising personally relevant information about oneself and others by introspecting
  • Using the information to mould the plans, goals and life stories for good


If PI doesn’t interest you, you must ask yourself if you want to be a part of tens of thousands of people, who derail themselves from an optimally lived life by making the wrong decisions about what work environment to enter, what job to take, who to work with and underrating their deficiencies and overrating their abilities. If you are not happy with your life and do not mind it going the way it is, you have a low PI.


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For those, who cannot wait to climb the ladder of success, introspection is the tool, but to practise that so as to be successful, you need to be patient. Introspection is a deliberate and time-consuming process that demands one to study himself/herself enough to seep into his/her real self. Take a look at these tips to enhance your PI.


  • Take 45 minutes off every day to introspect. Ensure that you are in a quiet environment that is immune to interruptions while you introspect.
  • Choose a particular area of your personality that is important for your career success. While there are many to choose from, start by introspecting your interests, skills, handling pressure and learning style.
  • While you introspect, think of examples. For instance, if you are introspecting your learning style, think about the time it takes you to learn new information, the type of information that is easy or hard for you to learn, whether you are a visual learner or auditory, whether you are a self-learner or you need to be given instructions, etc. Make a list of questions that will help you direct your introspection.
  • Record the observations. This will keep your observations organised.


Once you have recorded your observations in all the core areas, match them with current situation. For instance, if you haven’t been able to graduate first year of college because you study with groups of friends and your observation tells you that you are a good learner when you study alone, switch to the latter. Do not stop asking yourself questions even if you think you have answered them all.


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