Is it Normal to Bleed during Intercourse for the First Time?

Mar 13, 2013

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Bleed during Intercourse for the First Time

Sexual intercourse for the first time often leads to vaginal bleeding but it is normal as it is due to breaking of the hymen. Hymen is a thin tissue that stretches over the vaginal opening. It either partially or completely covers the vaginal opening. Traditionally, an intact hymen was considered to signify virginity. But now we know that women who are into physical activities such as sports, gymnastics, horse riding or those who use tampons may have a broken hymen. If the hymen is intact then it can lead to bleeding during first time intercourse.


In addition to the intact hymen there is one more reason for bleeding during first time intercourse. An anxious partner can greatly contribute to pain during first intercourse. If your partner penetrates before you are actually ready or fully aroused then it can cause pain and bleeding. If the penis accidently hits your cervix then you are more likely to bleed.


Mostly there is little bleeding or spotting which can go unnoticed. In some of the cases, bleeding stops immediately after intercourse while some women report that bleeding continues for a few days after sexual intercourse. Bleeding after sex is normal but if it is persistent for many days then you might have to seek expert advice.


Most women are worried about bleeding and associated pain before they have sex for the first time. However, it is not actually a reason to worry. Don’t be stressed as fear of bleeding or pain can ruin your sexual pleasure. So let off all the inhibitions and enjoy the moment !!




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