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Is Jealousy the Antidote to Cheating?

Dating By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 15, 2012
Is Jealousy the Antidote to Cheating?

Jealousy has been uprooted in the history of human evolution and it is no anotidote to cheating.

Is Jealousy the Antidote to Cheating

A lot of people believe that cheating is a crime that every man commits and someone, who is incredulous to such belief, is either naïve or downright stupid. Whatsoever your beliefs are, experts say that cheating and jealously go hand in hand. These connect the dots in different aspects.


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While men may cheat at least once in their lifetime, women may express displeasure at her man ogling at some other woman. Since men are known to cheat, if your lady love has caught you ogling at other women, there is nothing stopping her from being jealous. She is jealous not because she is a female (a thought your male chauvinist side is likely to feast on) or immature, but because she is passionately involved in the relationship. Jealously has been in the roots of human evolution and it is primarily why the human kind has developed so much to simulate its structure and properties. Jealousy is not gender biased. Every human being is jealous; only the way of expressing it is different.


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Jealousy and cheating are related in other respects as well. For instance, a jealous wife may end up cheating her husband to make up for the displeasure that she is going through and to bring her infidel partner to realise his mistake. Most partners also end up cheating their partners just because they ‘felt’ they were being cheated. Therefore, the answer to whether jealousy is the antidote to cheating or not is a big no!


While your partner may be induced to believe that you are now on to her or him, it will only last a few moments. Jealously hardly works as a tactic to stop the people from doing worse. In fact, being jealous of whoever your partner meets will only make him/her the privilege to leave you. Understand that there is no way you can fix a bad behaviour with another.


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If you are the victim of an infidel relationship, what works best for you is moving on. There is nothing as comforting as being away from the person, who cheated you. In most cases, a person takes time to realise his/her mistake. If you let your partner go easy with the act of infidelity he/she put you through, there is no stopping him/her from another.


The antidote to cheating is not jealousy but staying strong and moving on.


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