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Is it okay to have sex if you are fasting?

Snr By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Dec 01, 2016
Is it okay to have sex if you are fasting?

What if we tell you that there you can face health problems by having sex during a fast? Read to know!

Is having sex during a fast is alright? Why sex during fasting is prohibited? Well, some people will find this thing extremely illogical while there are perfect logics behind this phenomenon of not having sex during fast. Indeed it is true that urge to have sex is as natural as the urge to poop and pee. If you cannot stop pooping and peeing during a fast, then why to suppress the urge to have sex? In India, women observe fasts every second day, then there is navratri fast that lasts for 9 days. Now imagine yourself depriving of sex for entire 9 days. Sounds tough, right?




Of course, all fasts have their own religious values but it all about religious values when you are asked not to have sex during fasts? What if we tell you that there are health drawbacks of having sex during a fast? Yes, you just read right, here is list of health issues that you might have to face if you have sex during a fast.


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No sexual drive

For starters, you must understand the mechanism of an erection in men and sexual drive in women. Erection requires energy and blood, not that a man won’t have any erection on an empty stomach but some food can pump more blood and make an erection last longer. In case a woman is observing fast, there are fair chances that she will be less aroused sexually on an empty stomach. Moreover, having sex on an empty stomach can leave women fatigued and bloated.



Spiritual disruption

Many people observe fasts for spiritual tranquillity and sex can disrupt that calmness. Sex is about passion ignited in bodies and whatever peace you have attained through fasting, can be gone.


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Sex requires high energy levels while eating nothing the entire day leaves one with low or no energy at all. When exerted any further, the one observing fast can faint during intercourse.



Mood swings

Sex is never with emotions. There is always a whirlwind of emotions during sex. The emotions during sex can collide with the mood swings caused due to fasting. Indeed the fact is that fasting causes mood shift because when you do not eat anything the entire day, there’s a significant drop in your blood sugar level, suppressing serotonin in your body and causing mood disturbance. To avoid any emotional turbulence, sex should be avoided on empty stomach.


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