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Is Acupuncture Safe for Children?

Home Remedies By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 25, 2011
Is Acupuncture Safe for Children?

Acupuncture- Has the thought of sending your child to an acupunctarist scared the daylights out of you? Perhaps you should read the outcome of a study, here, to drop your myths.

Is acupuncture safe for childrenThe visual of penetrating needles into a child’s body might get you flinched for a second, but the good news is that they are safe! An analytical study constructed on the basis of interviews and observation by researchers suggested that out of 1,400 children who went for acupuncture, only 168 expressed a mild degree of aversion in the form of pain or crying. The most important point to consider, however, is to give your child the right acupuncture treatment, which can be ensured by way of appointing a licensed and authorised doctor who has had several years of experience.


Brief history

Acupuncture is a form of medical treatment that originated several years ago in China. It is believed to spurt open the channels that might have blocked an individual's life force. Acupuncture releases the body’s natural painkillers to ease off any illness that the individual might/might have be/been going through. It is done using thin needles, heat and laser or pressure at certain specific points, which are otherwise called acupoints. The Chinese theorists proclaim that piercing thin needles into certain specific points on the body helps to create a balance in the body’s energy flow, which is known as ‘qi’. Apart from treating extremes of certain diseases, acupuncture has been used in treating headaches, back and joint pains, migraines, chemotherapy-induced nausea and cramps.

What the report says

Not surprisingly, over 150,000 children in the US undergo acupuncture in a year. The procedure involves counselling considering that children do not usually open themselves up to an approach as acupuncture that involves poking needles into the skin. The study revealed that of 220,000 adults interviewed and operated upon by the doctors, only 8% expressed aversion but of mild nature. While some cried during the treatment, the others reacted through physical pain such as through nausea, bruises, numbness at the needle site etc. There have been very few cases of extreme reaction to the needling. These were bleeding, heart and lung problems and infections.
One of the doctors who observed the students for the study said that treating a child is like building a relationship and that the process takes longer. Women have been known to be sending their kids as young as 2 years old for acupuncture treatments.


How parents can make sure their child undergoes a safe treatment

If you are dreaded by the idea of an acupuncture treatment for your child, you can follow certain procedures to make sure the treatment is safe.

  • Get a recommendation from your kid’s paediatrician for a qualified acupuncturist located in close proximity.
  • Never send your child alone for the treatment. Always be available for your child, especially when he or she is undergoing the treatment.
  • Make sure the needles are clean or sterilised.
  • Make sure the kid’s skin is cleaned before it is let open for the needles to penetrate.
  • Be wary of acupuncturists who charge too less a fee to qualify the treatment as an "acupuncture treatment". A standard acupuncture treatment would fetch around 64 GBP for a single session of the treatment.


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