Intractable Back Pain Symptoms

Updated at: Dec 13, 2012
Intractable Back Pain Symptoms

Intractable Back Pain Symptoms: The chronic and persistent pain in the back can affect an individual both physically, emotionally and psychologically.

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PainWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Dec 13, 2012

The intractable back pain is defined as disabling, constant and chronic pain in the back that can potentially affect other parts of the body as well and makes it impossible for the sufferer to continue his or her routine. Intractable pain persistently troubles the sufferer and affects his or her hormonal levels, blood pressure, neurological systems and pulse and heart rate.


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Enlisted here are signs and symptoms of intractable back pain that should be treated on time to improve the sufferer’s health and prevent mental and physical trauma caused by the condition.  

Emotional Symptoms of Intractable Back Pain

  • A person suffering from intractable back pain may cry and frown often.
  • The suffering person prefers isolation and seclusion.


Psychological Symptoms of Intractable Back Pain

  • Intractable back pain also affects a person’s psychological health. His/her concentration level may suffer and the person may find it okay to cope with stressful conditions/situations.
  • Attention span may also decrease.
  • The person may develop suicidal thoughts because of his or her inability to perform routine tasks on his or her own.
  • There are also strong chances of the person developing feelings of hopelessness, depression and  helplessness if the pain remains uncontrollable despite of being treated.


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Physical Symptoms of Intractable Back Pain

  • Teeth grinding.
  • The person restricts his/her activity to home and due to inability to move, he/she prefers to shun social activities and gatherings.
  • Persistent pain that never subsides.
  • Sleeping difficultly caused by stinging pain in the back. Pain relieving medications may help to bring a few hours of sleep.
  • A burning sensation of pain may result in increased blood pressure, heart rate or pulse rate.
  • Even a little movement causes pain and puts excessive stress on the back, making it unbearable.
  • Chronic and disabling pain in the back may affect one’s libido drastically.
  • The patient may lose his/her appetite, social interests, enthusiasm, energy and   motivation to take initiatives.
  • The person will be restricted to bed or will be house-bound.
  • While dealing with biological stress exerted by constant pain in the back, the body may alter functions and production of adrenal and pituitary hormones.
  • Due to the alerted hormonal functions of the body because of intractable back pain, the sufferer’s immune system will be dramatically affected, making him/ her prone to various infections such as urinary infection or skin infection.
  • Alteration in the levels of adrenal hormones results in loss of calcium in the body, increasing the sufferer’s risk of osteoporosis and tooth decay.
  • The sufferer may stumble or fall often.
  • Standing still at a place becomes difficult and sitting for prolonged hours causes striking pain in the back.


Intractable back pain needs immediate medical attention as it may indicate herniated or slip disc. Your orthopaedic may suggest physiotherapy or surgery to treat the condition.


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