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Intimacy Issues for Men

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
Written by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jun 29, 2011
Intimacy Issues for Men

Intimacy in Relationships - There are practical, evolutionary and cultural reasons for men’s indifference to being intimate easily. Showing emotions is often considered a sign of weakness and even women lose respect for a man who expresses h

Why do men become averse to intimacy? Women often complain of men becoming afraid of intimacy. They want to imply that men begin to fear sharing their emotions with them. This fear of being close to a person can have many reasons. There are practical, cultural and evolutionary reasons for men’s indifference to an intimate relationship.


Reasons for Intimacy Issues in Men

  • If a man is hurt by a woman with whom he was in a relationship or wanted to be intimate, it can make him disillusioned about women.
  • Some men find it very difficult to trust women, even though they have never been personally hurt.
  • Fear of pain due to breaking of relationship.
  • One of the major reasons is the perceived lack of freedom that due to the responsibility of a committed and intimate relationship.

The above mentioned are the practical reasons due to which men do not have a liking for intimacy with their partner. Men want to enjoy different types of intimate relationships compared to women. Women get very emotional and talk about their feelings while men are more into physical intimacy. Not to say that they are devoid of emotions when it comes to getting physical with a woman. Men also crave for another type of intimacy, the camaraderie that comes from doing something together. People working together develop a liking for each other     while at the work.

Men are more likely to become indifferent to expressing their emotions because of their upbringing. They are told from childhood to “Be a man!”, “Don’t cry like a girl”, and many things that tell them to gain control of their emotions. This builds up their psyche to crave physical intimacy without risking emotional intimacy. Men want emotional intimacy but it must start with at least a chance of physical intimacy if not actually so.

Men need to keep their emotion under wraps because of the evolutionary instinct too. In the formative years of humans, men had to do the strenuous work while women stayed at home. In the trying circumstances, it is better to let go of your emotions as they can make you lose. On the other hand, making others emotional can help you win over them. Men are on earth for accomplishment. They crave and need success. Men must solve problems. Even women lose respect for men who show emotions too easily.


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