Interesting Theme Parties for Holi

Updated at: Mar 06, 2012
Interesting Theme Parties for Holi

Spice up this holi by introducing interesting theme parties for Holi in your celebration.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Festival FeverWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Mar 03, 2012

Theme Parties for HoliHoli is a religious festival that is also celebrated to rejoice a fertile land and harvest. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm, especially in the Northern part of India and recognised as a religious festival in southern India. The most fascinating aspect of holi is the play of colours that entices old and young alike. Colours call for a social gathering that is followed with spreading of love and joy by way of holi-specific recipes such as sweets and bhang. When there are colours, sweets and drinks to get the day started, why must you celebrate it the way everyone else does? Here are interesting theme parties for holi.


Bollywood Style

Given the propensity of Indian-ness that the Bollywood films started throwing themselves at as early as the 1950s, there is just a lot of things you can do to bring the big world of cinema into your life on Holi. To celebrate holi the Bollywood way, ring your friends and tell them to dress up like famous Bollywood personalities. You could set up speakers and play famous Bollywod numbers on Holi such as Holi aye re Kanhai from Mother India and arrey ja re hath Natkhat from Navrang.


Traditional Theme

Holi is one festival when one doesn’t have to worry about dressing up. You could have a traditional themed holi party by requesting all the guests to wear traditional clothes post the play of colours i.e. when everyone sits to have meal. You could decorate the venue with traditional decorations such as lamps, bells, floating flower bowl at the entrance, rangoli etc.


Circus Theme

Considering that a major part of Holi is about colours, you could dress up as clowns wearing colourful dresses (which would by any decent chance become so by the end of the celebrations). You could set the venue up with props related to circus such as rings, posters etc.


Political Theme

One thing common between politicians and Holi is the colour white, which is what everyone prefers to wear to exhibit the rainbow of colours by the end of the celebrations. You could dress up like famous politicians, mimic them  etc.


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