Instant Turn offs for Her

Mar 28, 2013

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Instant Turn offs for Her

Your passionate encounters can turn out to be a damp squib if you do not pay attention to what turns your girl off. There is no way to anticipate your slip-ups but if you are aware of the come common ones guys are inclined to make, your date can go on pleasantly.

Some of the common mistakes by guys which turns off their girl in a date are:

  • Uttering your ex’s name – While on a date, your girl would like to think that your past is behind you and that you are ready to go ahead with a new relationship. No sooner did you make this blunder, than she would start having doubts about continuing with the date. So, make sure you do not spoil the occasion. If such a blunder does occur, you need to be very apologetic about it. You will have to prove that this was a momentary slip-up and that you have really moved on.
  • Behaving like a wimp – You need to “be a man” if you want to impress women. Such behaviour includes being too circumspect in asking her to dance, and in general behaving as if you are not in control. You need to direct her to do things with you that both of you enjoy.
  • Being too aggressive – This is the other end of the scale when men become too pushy and dominate women too much when on a date. You need to be considerate about her wishes too and not be concerned only about your enjoyment. So, be confident but also considerate.
  • Keep your timing correct – If you feel there is something between you and her; do not rush into the next step. There are some men who cannot allow for foreplay of any sort. If you want to get her aroused, do not expect it without a little bit of foreplay and romance.
  • Are you a good kisser? – If your date has reached the stage of lip-lock, bad kissing habits can turn your girl off. You might have to wait for a few weeks before this turn off is gotten over with in her mind. So, you should first know what not to do as what a woman likes in kissing is very subjective. You should stay away from giving out too much saliva for starters. Obvious turn off are bad breath or gum disease.


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