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Inexpensive Date Ideas for Couples

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
Inexpensive Date Ideas for Couples

Dating Ideas: Inexpensive date tips can be of great help to couples how cannot spend lavishly. These inexpensive date ideas do not require a lot of money but they do call for a sense of camaraderie between couples.

Written by: Arpita DePublished at: Feb 14, 2013

Inexpensive Date Ideas for CouplesWe all feel the pinch of the empty wallet at the end of the month. However that should in no way hamper the good times that you intend to have with your date! All you need to do is set your imagination free and come up with some inexpensive date ideas. Couples can engage in a whole lot of inexpensive dating activities to make the most of the little money that they have.


Date Ideas for Romantic Couples


  • An inexpensive date idea for the romantic ones is too pack a picnic basket and set off for a local destination for some quality time together.
  • Rent your favourite DVDs, cook at home and cosy up to each other!
  • Cook your partner’s favourite food and surprise her/him. Set the mood with scented candles, potpourri and soothing music and watch your date crackle!


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Inexpensive Date Ideas for the Adrenaline Junkies


  • Join some activity club such as rock climbing or kickboxing together! It will help you spend time together and also satisfy your adventure rush.
  • Go for drives together. Indulge in some speed, feel the wind on your face and see the sparks fly on the date!
  • In case you have very little to spare for a date, catch up on your favourite action movie together! A little ‘pulp fiction’ will go a long way in making your date exciting!


Inexpensive Date Ideas for the Fun Loving Couple


  • Hold an eating contest for the two of you! Although you might end up with a tummy ache, the date will be fun!
  • If the two of you like going out then visit the zoo together. A date where you can make faces at the adorable chimps will surely perk up your day.
  • You can visit some amusement park and sit on rides.  The rides will give you the chance to hold hands, scream together and also have an innocent fun time together.

Inexpensive Date Ideas for the Quiet Couple

  • If adventure is not your thing, then you can visit art galleries or museums together.
  • Join a poetry or book reading club and share your work.
  • Other inexpensive date ideas for a quiet and serene time together is go for long walks or sit in a park or simply stargaze in the backyard!


Dating is that period in a couple’s relationship when they bond together and discover what is common between them. Money should never pose any impediment to spending time with each other. Inexpensive date ideas for couples are both light on the pocket and are also interesting enough to keep the two of you hooked on!


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