Indoor Monsoon Workout Tips: Ways To Stay Fit This Rainy Season

Updated at: Jul 17, 2019
Indoor Monsoon Workout Tips: Ways To Stay Fit This Rainy Season

In the rainy season, you may have many excuses not to go to the gym. But if you really want to stay fit then plan your workout at home. Make workout part of your routine

Tavishi Dogra
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jul 17, 2019

An indoor workout is a kind of ultra-effective workout. Working out at home is proven to be more beneficial in the rainy season. Just think about its benefits:

  • you will not have to carry a gym bag
  • you will not have to wait to use the equipment 
  • you will not have to worry about traffic 

To get rid of all such problems follow the workout plan given below and get ready to stay fit this monsoon. 

Create rules for workouts

  • Make workout part of your routine. Otherwise, you will forget and make some excuses.
  • First and foremost, jeans or slippers are no the right outfits for exercise. Instead, wear jogging shoes with comfortable workout wear so that you do not get distracted during a workout session.
  • Let the other members of the house know that this time is your workout. At the time of workouts, make this rule that at that you will only pay attention to yourself and will do whatever you like.
  • Put your phone in the answering machine.
  • Play your favorite music.
  • Maintain a diary and note your daily weight and size of the waist in it, so that you know what was the result of doing a month-long workout.

Home Strength Workout

Warm-up: Warm-up yourself by a brisk walk. Dot it, three times a week or every alternative day.

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Home props 

2 bottles of water, 1 chair, 1 mat, and 1 towel

Bent-Over Row 

Grip the water bottle in both hands and stand straight up. Bend the hips backward and move towards the front. Moderate your elbows in a position like you hold a bicycle handle. Then hold for a while and lift your hands while pressuring your shoulder blade. Then bring it down. Make this a set of 12-16 times.

Waist Bend 

Stand upright and catch a bottle of water in your hands. Once bowed to the left then bend to the right. Repeat this 12-16 times.

Leg Extension

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Sit on the chair. Pull the abs inwards and move the left leg outward to the hip. Wait for 2 seconds. Then do this same action with the other leg. Make two sets of 12-16 times from each foot.

Wall Sit-Ups

Stretch your back towards the wall. Then slowly clinging to the wall, bending your knees to a 90-degree angle. Imagine as if you are sitting on a chair. Stay in the position for 30-50 seconds. Then come back to the normal stage.

Wall Press-Ups 

Turn your face towards the wall and stand up. Put your hands on the wall. Try to bring the Chest closer to the wall by bending your elbows. Then come in the rest position. Repeat this 12-16 times.

Chest Flies 

Lie down on the carpet or mat. Hold the bottle of water in your hands. Move the elbows lightly by spreading arms above the chest. Bring hands to your chest. Then stretch the arms on the other side, until your elbows are not parallel to the shoulders. Now slowly come back to the position. Repeat this verb 12-16 times.


Lie down on the back and lift the knees at 90-degree angle and lightly lower your lower back towards mat. Keep your hands under the head and try to touch your chin with a chest while lifting your head. With this, you may feel the pull in the abs. Repeat the process 12-16 times.

Leg Stretch

Lie on mat or carpet. Raise your right foot without the knee bends. Then trap the towel in the foot and hold both ends of the towel with hands and pull the leg slightly towards it. Keep the knee straight. Pause in this stage for 10-30 seconds. Then repeat this action with another leg. 

Arm Stretch 

Stand upright. Spread your right hand and bend elbows towards the back of the head. Hold one end of the bath towel in your right hand. Now move your left hand back and keep it on the back. Now grab one end of the towel in the left hand. Feel the stretch on both hands and back. Wait for 10-30 seconds. Then change the action on the other hand.

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