India on High Alert for Ebola Virus

Updated at: Aug 11, 2014
India on High Alert for Ebola Virus

The Indian government has  put the nation in high alert, and has taken measures to make sure that passengers coming into India are not affected. A man was recently scrutinized in Chennai after suspicion of Ebola, he was later released.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
LatestWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Aug 11, 2014

ebola virus in IndiaThe Ebola virus that has gripped West Africa is expected to make its entrance into other nations too. This is why the Indian Government has put the nation on high alert for the Ebola virus. This has come at a time when the health ministry has denied any reports of a Chennai resident having been afflicted by the disease.

The government has taken steps to ensure that health officers identify passengers, who are getting off their aeroplane at international airports. The good news is that reports claim everyone who has been arriving till date is healthy. Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has denied any Ebola suspicion in Chennai, and the Tamil Nadu government has informed the Central government that a person had landed at the Chennai airport from Guinea on August 9th, and was checked for symptoms, but was finally found to be healthy and well.

The nation is also alarmed as the helpline numbers for Ebola that has been set up by the government on Saturday morning, already has had a total of 200 calls. The control room helpline numbers for Ebola are 23063205, 23061469, and 23061302.

India has almost 45,000 nationals living in the Ebola affected nations of West Africa. The onset of the disease is marked by fatigue, fever, headaches, sore throat and pains the joints and muscles. The worrying factor is that the initial symptoms are so common, that it has been most times misdiagnosed. Additionally, the World Health Organization had declared the Ebola outbreak as a matter of international emergency.

In New Delhi, the national capital of India, Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital has been made the bastion of hope with treatment facilities and management in case of Ebola.

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