India Number One Country For Medical Tourism, Fast Gaining Popularity In The World

Updated at: Sep 29, 2019
India Number One Country For Medical Tourism, Fast Gaining Popularity In The World

If you are unable to get the necessary treatment in your country, you had to some other in search of medical facilities. That is known as Medical Tourism

Vani Malik
LatestWritten by: Vani MalikPublished at: Sep 29, 2019

It is a common trend for India to see tourists coming here from various countries only to seek medical help. As per estimates, medical tourism is the next big thing and has emerged as a new and most growing branch of tourism globally. When people travel to any other country for treatment or treatment, it is called medical tourism. A few decades ago, people from underdeveloped countries used to go to major medical centres in highly developed countries for their treatment. They had to do this due to unavailable medical therapies in their own country. But in recent years, citizens of highly developed countries have started travelling to third world countries for affordable but quality treatment.

Medical facilities have increased in the third-world countries or, say, developing countries and these facilities are available at extremely affordable rates due to the country's economic standing. You can infer that the cost of travelling, living and spending on hospitals is much lesser than what people had to shell out while living in developed countries for medical treatment.

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Global Trend

There are many times when a particular disease is treated in a better way in some other county than theirs. Here comes the role of doctors heavily promoting travelling for medical purposes. The unique thing here is that medical tourism or medical tourism has emerged as a new and most growing branch of tourism globally.

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If we talk about health tourism in Asian countries, India is currently considered the number one favourite country for treatment purposes. However, countries like Thailand, Singapore, China and Japan are also in the race to attract tourism for medical reasons. The reason India stands here is for its exceptional technology, advanced medication, and affordable healthcare services in abundance. With the availability of medical techniques and equipment here, foreign nationals of other countries find it easier to communicate with people, irrespective of the language barrier.

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