Increased red meat intake linked to Inflammatory bowel disease

Jan 11, 2017

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According to a new study, eating more of unprocessed meat has been linked to an increased risk of getting an inflammatory bowel condition called diverticulitis.


Red meat


Diverticulitis is a common condition which occurs when small pockets lining the intestine  called diverticula  become irritated.  Diverticulitis is linked to smoking, obesity and chronic use of anti-inflammation drugs.



In the study, the scientists analysed data collected from more than 46,000 volunteers  in the ongoing Health Professionals Follow-Up Study over a period of 26 years. Every two years, the men in the study filled out questionnaires about their medical histories and any illnesses they had, and every four years, they completed a questionnaire to give scientists a sense of their diets.  


The men included in the study had no previous problems related to diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease or a gastrointestinal cancer when the study started.


However, this study require further investigation using different demographic factors and both age groups.This study was published in the journal Gut.


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