Important Things to buy for Newborn Babies

Updated at: Feb 10, 2014
Important Things to buy for Newborn Babies

A new born has lot of requirements without which they and their parents would both have a difficult time. Here are some new born essentials.

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Newborn CareWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Jul 05, 2011

A new born child is very delicate and must be handled with care. There are certain things that a new born child demands, and these are essential for the little one. A new born baby has more affinity towards catching diseases such as common cold, fever and even diarrhoea. One should always disinfect the house and keep it free from dust before bringing the child home. Apart from that, remove all the sharp-edged objects, glassware kept within reachable places in the house. This is because the child might get hurt while crawling.


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Baby Food

Keep baby nutrition food such as oats, Cerelac, cornflakes, yoghurt, milk and other food products for the newborn child in the house stocked up. An infant does need breastfeeding in the first couple of months but when the child starts growing up, they need to change their eating patterns.


Baby Clothes

Every parent pre-plans and buys numerous baby clothes even before the child actually comes into the world. This is a very sensible thing to do. But most parents forget to disinfect the clothes before putting them on their child. This should be kept in mind before putting on every new piece of cloth on the newborn baby.

Layette is the best outfit for a new born baby. It is usually in the shape of a jumpsuit covering the feet as well. This keeps the baby protected from sun, if taken outside and safe from allergy and mosquitoes, if kept inside.


Mosquito Net

Buy a small wired mosquito net available in stores for newborn infants. Whenever the baby is sleeping, a parent must put the net over the baby (which is the form of a tent-like structure) to prevent any mosquito and insect bites.


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Bedding Set/Crib

Buy bedding set for the newborn which usually has a combination of a quilt, a pillow and two bolsters. The bolsters are important because they prevent the child from falling off the bed. They act as supports for the infant.
Buy a low crib or a swing for the baby. Never make them sleep with you as they usually crawl and fall off the bed otherwise.



Diapers are the most necessary thing that should be kept in stock at all points of time. A cautious parent would change the diapers in time. Apart from that, many families use cloths and cotton nappies at home as a substitute for diapers. This might be unhygienic as the cloths might stink after a couple of uses and washes. Diapers available in the market are disposable and have a greater absorbing quality keeping the child fresh and free from rashes for the longest possible time.


Every parent must maintain a baby size chart available in hospitals and delivery wards. The chart usually contains the height and the weight of the baby and contains a similar blank chart underneath for the parents to fill up on a monthly basis. This is really helpful for parents to understand the physical development of the newborn baby.





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